Monday, June 14, 2010

St. Cloud Riverbats & A 7th Birthday Party

I had to come up with a quick idea of what to do with my son, Doodle’s 7th birthday party. It comes during the last week of the school year/1st week of June. It's hard not to be distracted as we get to the end of the year..

Riverbat logoSome of the kids had gotten free tickets to go to the Riverbats (summer college players) game the Friday after school was out. So, it became an easy choice, we were heading to the Riverbats game. Sent the invitations out to 6 boys and we heard back from 4. That meant we all fit in one vehicle and Buddy could go with us.

All the boys showed up at 5:30pm and I tried feeding them pizza and pop. I got a few pieces into a couple of the boys, but they were too distracted by each other! Off we went, piled into the van.

I couldn't hear myself thinking. My 10 yr old kept trying to talk to me, but he was being so quiet, I couldn't hear a thing he said. I wish I could've hung my head out of the window while I drove!

IMG_2714 As soon as we go to the Stadium, the boys rushed through the ticket takers. First thing we saw was the Riverbats mascot! I travel everywhere I can with a camera, so out it came! The boys all lined up and were so good with "it".

We go grab our seats in the General section, which has been improved since the last time we visited, and run into a lot of people from the school district.

As soon as they “sat” down, well, we choose where we’d be, is more like it, they were all over the place. Down to the fence, back up to me. Playing some cards that they got for free when they came in the gates. Nibbling on some sunflower seeds, and watching them being spit onto the bleachers (ugh, it was disgusting).

The game started and the boys couldn’t care less. They were bouncing off the fence. One here, two there, one back to me constantly saying, “I’m hungry, can you buy us something to eat?”

I needed a break so I left Buddy in charge while I grabbed some grub. Thankfully there were a ton of people from school that were able to keep an eye on them as well. A few boys ate the hotdogs and chips.

After the 3rd inning, I knew I was losing them. I’d say by that time, they’d watched a total of about 15 minutes of the game.

I love being at live baseball games and watching the plays! It’s so invigorating. Apparently I haven’t passed that excitement on to my boys. Sigh…We ended up leaving at the top of the 5th inning.

When we got out of the park, I figured it would be a great time to have Doodle open his presents. Then we’d go back to the van and have cake as we headed home.

On the grass outside of Joe Faber Field, Doodle busted into his gifts. One of his friends, who he’d just given a Nerf Gun for his birthday, gave him the same exact thing! (Doodle had given his friend his gift when his dad dropped him off!!) Then he got a cool Toy Story 3 Lego set. Doodle is into sports and one little dude got him a football that whistles as it’s thrown! And lastly he got an awesome Iron Man 2 glove that shoots little bullets, because we need that in our house!

We got back to the van and I cut up the birthday cake. I was dreading the ride home. LOL I knew that the 30 minute drive was going to be as loud as the ride up! Again, Buddy tried talking to me over the deafening loudness of the boys. I finally just ignored him because he kept trying to have discussions with me!

At one point he told me when he has his birthday party in a few weeks they wouldn’t be like these 7yr olds! hahaha We shall see!


parenting ad absurdum said...

Looks like an awesome party! Love the nickname doodles, btw :).

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