Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, It’s Mimi’s Monday Giggle with The Bachelorette

Cringe. I did that before I giggled at the beginning of tonight’s show. Poems…POEMS! giggle Thank you God for giving us guys who will do dorky things to win a woman’s heart!

8ce91d4e2cc9859f9eec4f8bd0c27114 Bring on the poems boys. Poor Kasey, he needed closed captions because no one could understand what he said. How do the producers handle that without making it obvious he has a speech, possible hearing, issue? “Hey, um Kasey, could ya watch the video for us and tell us what you said?” or did they sit there playing the video slowly, watching his mouth as he spoke, while listening as closely as possible? If he has a hearing problem, then why not admit it? If he doesn’t then I don’t know what to say!

9d8820d7ec5fe86c21928ccfd3a3fee1 For the record, if Kasey really is that sweet and innocent of a guy, then that’s totally awesome. I think he could be or become one of those obsessive guys. Then again, I could be a bit cynical.

Some of the poems did have me cringing. A couple of the others did a great job. So sweet. Be still my heart. I thought Kirk was a great choice, but Frank was a good 2nd.

So Kirk, he came clean to Ali about his health problems and really endeared himself to her. He seems like a remarkable guy. I could see them together. Sigh…

Group dates, ugh, I wouldn’t be able to handle those! Hanging out while each man takes Ali to the side and has a makeout session. No, not every time, but a few times. I’d die! giggle Those boys are jeal~ous and I love watching them struggle. Ty is the rose guy from the group date. He just took care of everyone. He deserved that rose! Hello cowboy! Frank had a wake up call and we’ll see if he steps up to the plate.

080e8e848d8000313c16fe7d5d1734b9I loved Roberto when they got to the Blue Lagoon at the end of the group date. Ali had stripped to her bikini faster than you can say “bikini” and all the boys were left with their jaws hanging open. Roberto said he’d never gotten undressed so fast ever in his life. giggle and raised eyebrows!

Who knew boys could be so emotional? Kasey, dear, sweet, scary Kasey. He’s up against Justin. Those two boys are night and day. Justin’s nickname is Rated R. He is totally messing with Kasey’s mind. The rest of the guys in the “house” want Justin to go and are really trying to boost Kasey’s confidence. Good bye tattooed Kasey it was interesting having you. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about you.

6dd72d1aff2362c250d617a2eb368f3f Ok, Chris N. Who is he? I looked for him at the group date. Didn’t see him at all. No one on one date and he wasn’t on the two and one date. Mole? Could be. Tonight was the first time I’ve heard him talk…throughout the entire show. They’ve never shown them have ANY time together.

f92974c98b00c6eae7d0a93b0ab7ee3dAs Ali was talking to Chris N. She tried to draw him out. He was so bland. He said his ex-girlfriend said he was funny. Insert a loooong awkward pause. The camera goes back and forth between them. giggle She asks him to tell her about that funny side. Back ‘n forth Ugh…he’s so not funny. The guys were watching the conversation between the Mole Chris N. and Ali and were critiquing their body language. Chris N. won’t be getting a rose. Truly, there’s no other reason I can even come up with that she would keep him around. We shall see!


Rebecca said...

Watched it online b/c we played to late in the yard Monday night. I think Chris N. is a mole. Seems a bit stale if you ask me. Kasey seemed a little immature for Ali and the show in general. I wonder if he'll regret that tattoo! :-o I'm excited for next week though the drama is killing me. (giggle). I hate soaps but this show has become the show I hate loving to watch if you know what I mean, LOL. I even make my poor husband watch it with me. Roberto remains one of my top three for the finals but we'll see what happens next week...

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