Monday, July 19, 2010

31 Days To A Better Blog by SITS

ProBlogger and the ladies at SITS BlogFrog have encouraged bloggers to do themselves and their readers a favor by making their blogs better! It’s called “31 Days to Build Better Blog (#31DBBB) Summer Challenge”! I’m all for that!

Our first task is to create an Elevator Pitch. I had NO clue what that was. Thankfully, Amy at The Family Trifecta gave a great definition so I’m going with that! I’ll get to the Pitch in a moment. I want to give you the back story on Woven by Words.

Woven by Words didn’t start off as a traditional blog. I started this blog pretty late in the game, February 2008. I created it to do Christian book reviews. I didn’t really expect to talk about my family or add anything else.

Then came Fall of ‘09 and I started seeing all these other sites! I was astonished at what was out in the blogosphere that I was ignorant to. I wanted to add more content to my site, get more personal and do more fun things. As you can see, I’m still feeling my way through.

Going about that task was harder than I expected. I have no idea how people who work outside the home full time manage to keep up their blogs. I work part time and find it nearly impossible and I don’t add as much content as most other sites!

In the past year WbW has definitely evolved (yes, I just used the word “evolve). How to define my site has become somewhat gray to me. It’s become more personal and I’ve already separated out my reviews into Marvelous Mom Reviews.
So for my Woven by Word’s Elevator Pitch I’d have to say the following:

“To share my faith and family life (it’s ups and downs). What life is like as a single parent. To inform you of the latest Christian product releases.”

That is my short answer.

Is that what you expect when you visit this site? Is there more you’d like to see?
After discussing why I separated my Product Reviews from my Christian site with Rachael at Empowering Mommy, she said basically, “It’s your blog! You can do whatever YOU want with it. If people don’t want to read about your faith and family, they don’t have to come back.” I agree, but I’m can be a people pleaser. I don’t want to make anyone mad. Silly, I know.
What do you think? Any opinions? Come on, everyone has an opinion. Just be nice, k?


Liz Mays said...

I think an evolving blog is a good thing. It will end up just as it should customized to YOU!

Low Carb Not No Carb said...

Great elevator pitch - would definitely inspire me to read more!

adrienzgirl said...

People will be pleased with you being yourself. You will attract readers that "fit" you by doing your thing the way it makes you feel good. :D

Amy said...

Hi :) Thanks for the mention and link on your post.

I really like your elevator pitch. I know what to expect and I want to come back for me.

Funny, I felt like I had read you before, and then realized I had but on your other site. :)

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