Thursday, July 1, 2010

Featuring Sandyisms: A Friend’s New Recipe & Life Blog

I know Sandy through school. Our boys are in the same grade. Two of our boys are on a traveling baseball team together this year. She’s been so great to drive Buddy on the days I’ve had to work.

Now, this gal from the North Shore (of MN, not HI) has been writing articles for our local newspaper The Advocate. She has decided to start a blog to share her yummy recipes and her life. The title of her blog is Sandyism’s: Recipes and More from the North Shore.

[Summer+2010+032.JPG]Here’s a bit about Sandy (on the left in photo) and her “isms”:

Here are 10 things you may or may not know about me but you will only know them all if you read this blog.

1. I can drive a stick shift. Thanks Dad.

2. I own every record that I ever bought or received as a gift including the Urban Cowboy Soundtrack and Styx. (To the boys who gave me these...I will treasure them always.)

3. I like to brush my teeth in the shower. They feel extra sparkly clean in there, don't ask me why.

4. I sleep with a blankie. It is a NAP blanket and perfect. EVERYONE should have a blankie.

5. I watch "Snapped" on Oxygen. It is my favorite show, not because if I want to harm anyone I just like to figure out how the criminal mind works.

6. I am authorized by the state of Minnesota to marry couples. Yes, Reverend Holthaus at your service.

7. My first name was going to be "Edwinna". Oh how a name can change the direction of your life. New parents..think about it.

8. If deep fried cheese curds had no fat or calories I would eat them everyday.

9. If you play the hooker name game mine would be Tiny Rae. (First pet name paired with mom's middle name.)

10. Well now I think I will keep Number ten to

Her first recipe is for a Lemon Tart! YUM! Head on over to get the recipe and welcome her to the blogging world! We all had to start somewhere, remember?


Sugar Bear said...

Those lemon tarts look amazing. I'm stopping in to get to know you and I'll stop by her place soon after!!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Cathy Bryant said...

Salivating....those tarts look amazingly good! :P

Mimi, just wanted to let you know that you're the weekly winner in my Summer Splash contest at WordVessel. Let me know if you'd rather have an e-Book (for yourself or to give to someone else or to use as a giveaway on your blog, or a copy of the CD that goes along with TEXAS ROADS, or a pair of cowgirl flip-flops!


Anonymous said...

Wow those Lemon Tarts look awesome! I'm hungry now. :)

I like to brush my teeth in the shower too, I feel like it saves time.

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