Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Write A List Post: Day 2 For The 31 Day Challenge

Hmm, a list. Would you like to see my grocery list for the week? personal, but not very fun or educational. Ok, I don’t do educational on my site.
I supposed I’ve done lists before. I didn’t define the post as a List Post, but it must be. They have headings and occasionally bullets! Don’t bullets or numbers make something a list automatically?
I think for today, I will give you a list of my favorite inspirational websites. How’s that for a list? Let’s try it on for size!
(in)courage has a great group of women who put their lives and their faith out there for us to relate to and be encouraged by.

Nora has some of the best Christian author interviews! I enjoy reading each one and she doesn’t ask your typical questions! =) She also asks who her characters would be portrayed by if their book was made into a movie. You’ll like who they pick!

Cathy Bryant is such an encouraging woman! You can absolutely tell her heart in each of her posts. She is a debut author, who’s first book, Texas Roads, is probably in my top 5 books this year so far!

Jennifer is the one who told me about Windows Live Writer. I loved how her posts looked, especially her photos. She adores her children and loves her husband. Her faith comes through with shining colors!

Veronica at A Quiet Heart shares her faith no holds barred! She’s a pastor’s wife and God is at the center of her site! She also has great photos.

And lastly, Faithful Feet is a pretty new site. One that I’m connected with. I contribute every other week. It’s so wonderful to be part of a group of believers who have a heart to share their faith!


The Book Club Network - TBCN said...

Wow!! Thanks Mimi for the encouragement. I do love doing the interviews with authors. I like to show their human side and ask them very different questions like you mentioned and then some, like what their favorite foods are, if they were in a time machine where would they go and what would they do, Also if they had the chance to hang out with two people in the history of the world who would it be and what would they do.

I do mix it up abit and ask all sorts of things. I think this helps see the real fun person behind the books they write!

THANKS AGAIN for all you do Mimi!! I appreciate you and I'm thrilled you enjoy the interviews as much as I enjoy doing them.

Nora :D

Jenny @ Like Swimming said...

You weren't the last one on the BlogFrog discussion! ;)

First of all, I think you're right - any time you do a group of bullet points or a numbered list, you've got a list post.

As for this list post, I really like it. I especially like that you've given a description of each site instead of just throwing names out there.

Keep up the good work! I'm off to visit your other site now!

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