Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Boys…and Rugby

It’s the weekend. You know, the days where you don’t have to go to school. Rugby, it’s the days we’re all home ALL DAY together.

Guess what I like to do on these two glorious day boys (and yes, this includes you Rugby)? I like to sleep in.

Unlike Monday-Friday where I’m calling out your name at 7 am. I know you 3 like to wake up at the crack of dawn. All by yourselves. Regardless of my continuing efforts to keep you up late so that maybe, just maybe you’ll sleep in, too.

So far, no such luck.

Let’s get a few things straight since I’ve been working on this since, well, forever it seems:

  1. Yes, if there are donuts, you may have one. I will let you know the night before if we have them so you don’t have to come ask me.
  2. Yes, you can play on the computer, watch tv, play PS2 or run around the house in your boxers.
  3. No you may not go to the neighbors, they’re probably still sleeping like good little angels
  4. Rugby, if you’ve got to pee, why not go ask one of the kids who are up? Why come down and bump my bed over and over so I have to get out of bed just to let you out? Sticking your face in mine not only freaks me out when I open my eyes, but it’s a tad bit annoying.
  5. Boys, could ya feed the dog? We’ve had him for 2 yrs. Is this too much to ask?

Yes, I know that sleeping in is a luxury and some people think sleeping in would be moseying out of bed at 7 am. Well, if you stay up until 1-2am that’s only 5-6 hours of sleep.

I’m not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. You and I will probably get the same amount of sleep. It’s just a matter of when we get that sleep. Just sayin’.

Ok boys (the three of yous) Sunday is here. Yes, we’re going to church. Yes, you need to take a shower. Yes, you can and can’t do all of the above. What I’d most like for you to do is let me sleep in. No interruptions. Just some glorious deep REM sleep.


Your Half Conscious Mom


Liz Mays said...

I say you call a group meeting the night before and make sure nobody will mess you at all!

Karen M. Peterson said...

As much as I'd love to be a mom, I'm starting to realize that I'm too selfish to give up sleep.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Lovely :) Lately my Enginerd has taken up a new hobby with a passion. As soon as he gets home from work he's in the garage working on his latest woodworking project. On Saturday as soon as he's up and then on Sunday as soon as we're home. He's out there until there is no more light to work with then comes in, watches one DVD/instant Netflix and off to bed he goes.

I have come to realize that I really treasured that moment when he came home and I have at least double digit minutes if not a few hours while he played with AppleBlossom while I did.. something. Anything. But no, not lately and I'm tired.

Emma said...

Oh bless you! Chick is pretty good on a Sunday and will normally let me sleep for an hour or so after she gets up! I'm really not a morning person either!! x

Mimi said...

Oh I remember those day! Jacks little eyes popped open as soon as the sun peeped over the horizon.

Now it's only the dog that wakes us up early.

Hugs & love,

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