Monday, November 29, 2010

Loss, There’s Never A Good Time

My 2nd daughter and 2nd son have friends who are siblings in the same grades as them. We have known them since Doodle was a baby.

“MW” has always been this amazingly responsible girl. She’s 17 now, but watching her grow up was a treat. Smooch and MW played basketball for about 4 yrs together. MW never ceased to amaze me in her outlook on life and her sensibilities.

When Smooch went through an extremely emotional time last winter/spring, MW was the one to inform us of the depths Smooch was at.

“LW” has been in the same classes as Doodle for the last 3 yrs. It came in handy once or twice when LW’s mom needed someone to pick her up.

See, L & M’s mom had various forms of cancer over the last 4+ yrs. JW, even being in Stage 4 cancer, completely believed God could heal her and refused to acknowledge anyone who said anything towards the negative.

I hadn’t seen JW for a long time. Summer came and went and then school was back in session. Last Tues I passed her in the elementary school hall during conferences. She had a cough, but said she’s always coughing. I didn’t remember that, but who was I to say anything? She looked good, just didn’t sound so great.

Sunday I got a call telling me she’d been rushed to the hospital. The call had come while I was at church and I didn’t listen to it until around 2pm. An hour later I received the call saying JW had passed away. They couldn’t start her heart again.

I am completely heart broken for JW and her family. JW won’t get to see her daughter graduate this year. She won’t get to watch her youngest daughter grow up into womanhood. She won’t get to watch her grandchildren grow up.

She has 2 grown children as well. Her oldest has 2 little ones. Her son lives with them and is the one who called the ambulance. LW wasn’t home at the time, and I can’t tell if that was a blessing or something she’ll regret. She is only 7 so it’s not as though she had a choice.

As soon as we found out, the boys and I prayed for the family. I have been crying off and on thinking about how it could easily been any of us who is gone in the blink of an eye. None of us knows the day or the hour in which our Savior will call us home.

My hope is that today, you know where your salvation lies. If you died tomorrow and left your loved ones behind, would they have a hope in seeing you again in eternity. If you have an illness that could take you from this world do you know that one day your body will be healed and there will be no more pain?

If not, my prayer is that you will seek Jesus. That you will realize He died for you, on a cross, for such a time as this. He loved you enough to give his life for you. God did not spare even His own Child because of His great love for you.

Dear one, I hope this day you will accept the free gift of salvation that is offered to each one of us before it’s too late. And guaranteed, one day it will be too late. Do not leave this life without knowing where you will spend eternity.

As the saying goes, “Even if you don’t believe in God, He believes in you.”


Unknown said...

Your note stirred my already aching heart. I feel for the kids. I pray they have a great support system to help them through this difficult time. I was not present when my mom died. She took her last breath after her husband told her everything would be ok and she could go. I had left only a half hour or so before. There has been times when I have felt guilty that I wasn't there. I was her only child. But I also knew she didn't want me to see her go. It was a journey I was not ready for, but she was. 13 years later, I still miss my mom. I have gained great comfort in the book "Moms Without Moms". I share this hoping it may help others. I know my mom is waiting for me in Heaven. One of our last talks was about a dream she had seeing Jesus. She kept repeating, "There is nothing to fear." It is easy to say Jesus loves you. I challenge your readers to say, "Jesus loves me!"

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