Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Superhero Foundation and PowerCapes Discount

Header The Superhero Foundation is a fantastic non-profit that helps raise awareness and provides help to children that have suffered from abuse.  Probably better put by them from their website:

"Welcome to the crusade against child abuse. We are a group of believers. We believe that it is possible to break the chains of abuse with the right educational programs, the right awareness campaigns, stricter abuse laws, the right support for those that fight abuse and help rehabilitate the victims of abuse. And most of all we believe in hope and love….which is what every child victim of abuse deserves."

Their major method of raising funds and awareness is through their Superhero Run.  Please visit their website to find out more, check out the calendar of runs, they are adding more runs this year so stay tuned.  Also we have created the promo code "HELPCHILDREN" that will get you 10% OFF your order and we will also make a donation to The Superhero Foundation for every time it's used.

Real Statistics
Approximately 4 children die EVERY DAY as a result of child abuse.
About CASA
CASA is the Court Appointed Special Advocates for children.  The funds The Superhero Foundation raises goes toward this organization.  To find out more please visit:

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Liz Mays said...

That last statistic absolutely breaks my heart.

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