Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tangled BLU-RAY Giveaway UPDATE

I wanted to let everyone who's entered the Tangled BLU-RAY Giveaway already that I'm changing the date to the 4th because I want to make sure I get the name in to the company in time. They've changed how they're doing their giveaways and now I have a deadline.

So, to be clear, the NEW giveaway deadline is 4/4/11. I need to get the name in to the company by 4/6/11. This way the winner will have ample time to get back to me with their mailing address.

Thanks for your understanding!


The Book Club Network - TBCN said...

Loved the Movie Tangled!! I'll have to enter this drawing. My daughter too me to see the morning show for my birthday. It was Breakfast and a movie on Dec. 23rd. We laughed and laughed. That movie has special memories and great songs!

Thanks for all you do Mimi.

Nora :D

The Book Club Network - TBCN said...

Hi, Mimi!! I've looked everywhere for the original post for Tangled. Am I supposed to leave my name here or somewhere else? Help!

thanks for letting me know if I need to be some where else!!

Nora :D

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