Friday, April 1, 2011

Dentist Visit: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Well, it just so happens that we had dentist appointments this week which coincided well with the Metro Dentalcare review & giveaway I’m doing.
I had to go in and see the dentist because one of my fillings had chipped. She also noticed a week ago that I had been grinding my teeth pretty badly (more on that in another post). I had actually chipped one of my eye teeth at some point. How crazy is that?
The boys were due for their first cleaning of the year. I wasn’t too worried about Doodle (7) because he’s pretty faithful about brushing 2x a day. Buddy(11) on the other hand, he has to be reminded several times for each brushing time. And even with those reminders he will still walk away from the bathroom having NOT brushed his teeth.
I went in for my filling repair and Buddy had his cleaning at the same time. Doodle was in the waiting room playing his DS. The dentist did me and while I was finishing up she went and took a look at Buddy’s teeth. She came back to me and said, “Well, I just looked at his teeth…” and I rolled my eyes and said, “Uh-huh” with that knowing sound.
He needed to have a molar pulled because it was so decayed and a cap put on the furthest back tooth. She said the one she was pulling was already loose, but it looked like it could just crumble. The capped tooth should fall out in the next year.
Doodle’s turn was next and I was a bit nervous how his check-up wouldn’t be as good as I hoped. Surprise, he came away with NO cavities! He was pretty pumped.IMG_5778We made appointments to get my ground canines filled because of the wear and Buddy to have his tooth pulled and the cap put on.
From there we headed over to Kohls to make some returns and do some shopping. We had just walked in when I got a call from the dentist saying someone had canceled their appointment and could we go back.
Now this was an easy choice because we live 1/2 an hour away and I usually have to pull kids out of school for these appointments, which I’m not happy about. I told her we’d be right back. You should’ve seen the look on Buddy’s face! We talked a bit after we were finished the first time what it would be like to have a tooth pulled and we talked really fast about more details on the way back.
I had no idea how fast it would be to do my front teeth. She had to use a lot more novacane on my right side because every time she’d start to work I’d have a zinger of a sensation and I didn’t care for it AT ALL! I have no idea how men can chew, my bottom lip felt so fat and I imagined that is what it would feel like if I chewed. Gah!
Get this, the dentist knew I wanted to take a photo of Buddy so she had them wait until my teeth were curing and then called him back to the other station. As soon as I was done I grabbed my camera to get a picture of him waiting for his shot. How cool would it have been to watch the whole procedure? Yah, I like that kind of thing.IMG_5781

Can you tell how nervous he is? His mouth is barely open!
I was pretty nervous about how he’d do because when he had his 7th grade shots on Wednesday he looked when the nurse was giving him the 2nd shot and jerked the shot out of himself so she had to poke him 3 times instead of just twice. YIKES
Our dentist is very slick at getting the shot in without you seeing she even has it! She cracks me up because she does this with adults, too. He came out of his appt with a smile on his face. He did so much better than I expected! Now he just has to get used to the cap on his tooth.
Here’s what he looks like now sans tooth and a cap:IMG_5790You have until tonight 4/1 to enter to win 4 tickets to the Minnesota Twins if you’re interested!!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Awww so glad it went okay for both of you. It always amazes me how "slick" they are when giving the shots - I actually still appreciate this, even as an adult. This sounds like an amazing place and really friendly!

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