Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Our Easter Craziness

One sick kid and a 2nd kid who had to kind of sit back and let things happen around him. We’re gone for a few days so I’m putting this together before we head out.

IMG_6049 IMG_6058 IMG_6061

Not a very successful candy gathering, but we’ve got tons more at home. =)


Merry said...

Hope your family is feeling better these days. It really stinks when one of the kids is sick on a holiday!

Unknown said...

OK. I am a candy QUEEN!!! First of all, I take a 25% Mama fee right off the top~ and I require a min of at least a lb of candy~ so Mama would NOT have been happy with that take... I only count 12 pieces so I would only get a 3 pc payment. NOT COOL! My kids would have to go knock down some toddlers and take their baskets or something.... :))))

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