Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project 52: Week 15

This past week has certainly seen us on some adventures. I kept the secret of taking my boys to their first Twins game at Target Field. Then we got there and as soon as we got out of the van my 7yo says to me, “Are we going to a Twins game?” I just stared at him. I was going to capture their reactions on my Flip camera and now the moment was gone! Could NOT believe it!
IMG_5917IMG_5928We were 5 rows up from the field. That’s Kubel leading off of 1st base. I absolutely LOVE baseball! Being at a game is so phenomenal I want to go back again. My seats that I won from Metro Dentalcare have ruined me for life because I can’t imagine liking any other seats like these ones! LOL So many people say that there are no bad seats at Target Field. Yah, they didn’t sit in my seats.IMG_5924Ok, about this photo, the guy behind us finally clicked the photo after numerous tries and he gets me while I’m cleaning out a tooth. NICE! UGH…I don’t have a facial malformation.IMG_5949By our house I come up to the major road I turn on and just before the stop sign is a railroad crossing. Sometimes I don’t realize that there’s a train sitting not far from the crossing and it freaks me out that I don’t notice it! Good thing the signs and lights work!IMG_5956Buddy had an eye exam after his 7th grade shots because he failed miserably! They had to dilate his pupils! They were huge!IMG_5958Wanted to take the boys in to get their hair cleaned up a bit because it was getting unruly. Doodle wanted to get buzzed like his uncle M who’s in the military. I tried to convince him to wait because it would get warmer by the next time he needed his hair cut. No go. This is what he wanted. I wasn’t ready for it. They’ve never been buzzed before. For the record, I love rubbing his head.Ryan hair cut Buddy wasn’t thrilled AT ALL about getting his hair cut. He wants it to be skater long, but there are 2 issues with that. 1) he doesn’t take care of it enough to have it that long. I could care less how long my boys grow their hair as long as it’s taken care of. 2) The poor kid has so many cowlicks in front and in back it just doesn’t look right.Jake haircutSome things are beginning to grow in my perennial garden. My Bee Balm already smells really cool. Hoping the cold, cold weather that could harm my sweet plants stays away!IMG_5978


KristinFilut said...

I love baseball, too! We should go to a game together!

Mimi said...

Looks like a great week, I hope you're doing well.

Hugs & love,

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