Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have You Heard of Business2Blogger?

Business 2 Blogger
If you are a blogger who does product reviews or a business looking to work with Bloggers, Business2Blogger would be a great place to connect with each other.
Business2Blogger is unique in how it gets its message out to their Members. There are two levels of blogger status. You can be a Preferred Blogger or a Basic Blogger.
Basic Status:

  • Blogging Opportunities delayed by 4 hours. (Why is this important? See below)
  • 30 day trial period.
  • Not eligible for specialized opportunities based on geography or demographics.
  • At the end of your 30 day trial, you will no longer receive emails unless you upgrade to Preferred Status here, and place a blog post, banner or button.
  • Basic Status Signup Here.
Preferred Status:
  • Receive Blogging Opportunities 4 hours early. (Why is this important? See below)
  • Must place a blog post, banner or button within 3 days of signup. (Why? See below)
  • Eligible for specialized opportunities based on geography or demographics.
  • No trial period.
  • Preferred Status Signup Here.
I’m definitely on the Preferred Status! I get an email weekly letting me know of the opportunities available for everyone. Lucky me, I get them 4 hours before anyone still at the Basic level. I think being at Basic gives you the opportunity to feel out the company and see if it’s for you.
Some of the really cool parts of the Blogger2Business emails is that you’ll know much of what’s expected and what the companies are looking for right from the start. You’ll find out if they’re looking for a certain number of pageviews, what the product is you’ll be reviewing, if there’s a giveaway, how and if you’ll be compensated, and if there’s something locally. A really big opportunity just came through for someone in Minneapolis to cook a meal with ingredients from Cub Foods, a local grocery chain. The winning submission had some big rewards for their time and effort. Wish I was a foodie!

Now, if you on the Business end of things, Business2Blogger is here to connect you with the bloggers choose from. You fill in the parameters most companies are looking for, and add more info as needed. Wondering how many bloggers you have the potential to work with? How about over 4000!
Do you only want bloggers in the Cincinnati, OH area? Require 5000 pageviews? Only doing a review, but giving a $ compensation? All of that can be included in your parameters.
What more could you want when trying to narrow down bloggers you want to work with? You don’t have to worry about random pitches being thrown at you. You’ll know when to expect to hear from people who respond and are eligible to work with you as you participate with Business2Blogger.
Head on over to Business2Blogger and get started on making a connection!
*By posting this I am eligible to win an iPad2


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