Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Smooch Turns 18 Today

And she’s not even here. That “child” had the audacity opportunity to go with her friends and the Solid Rock youth group to Districts. She won’t be home until Sunday. Whatev…

So, since Smooch isn’t here, I’m going to share some photos of this little stinker beautiful girl of mine.

April 1993Amber N Mom 2Me and my Smoochie Smooch & my horse WinstonPicture 675Smooch, Cousin R, and BabySenior PhotoSenior photo

  Here’s a couple of the presents she wanted for her birthday:TWLOHA Disciple Happy Birthday Smoochie. You are loved!!! Welcome to adulthood.


Athena said...

Our girlies share a birthday... ahhhh :)

Taking mine out to lunch and then a surprise party tonight. I can't believe I have an 18yo. I feel old today.

Mimi said...

What a bittersweet time for you. Happy birthday to your girl. I love the TWILA organization.

Nubbin wiggles,

Unknown said...

Found you from the UBP. Happy birthday to your little girl, oh woman, adult. Nice blog. You have a beautiful family.
God Bless,

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

Wow! 18 years old! My youngest brother is about to turn 18 & it is just so crazy to me that my parents are about to be empty nesters.

I hope she had a great day! I remember my 18th bday, I had lunch with a few friends at one of my fav restaurants. It was a low key day, but it was a special day.

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