Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everything Pencil Face & Body Concealer

 Everything PencilThe Everything Pencil™: Camouflage Makeup Concealer for Face & Body that Covers Up Everything... For Everybody... Every Day

  • Quick & Easy Coverage for Your Life on the Go!
    • Under Eye Circle Concealer
    • Cover Up Makeup for Age Spots
    • Scar Cover Up Makeup
    • Broken Capillary Cover Makeup
    • Bruises & Birthmarks Concealer
    • Spider Vein Cover Makeup
    • Coverage Makeup for Scars and Acne
  • It's also an Eye Shadow Base, Lipstick Lock & Highlighter
  • Six Corrective Colors Can be Used Alone or Mixed to Create Your Perfect Shade
  • Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Formula
  • Fragrance Free & Doctor Approved
  • Best Pencil Concealer, Scar Cover Up Makeup, and Age Spot Concealer


  • Your Everything Pencil™ Purchase Comes with One Free Sharpener

  • Ultra Light: For all skin types
    More Details
  • Pink Glow: For light olive/light medium and delicate complexions
    More Details
  • Pure Beige: For light to medium complexions
    More Details
  • Golden Beige: For light olive complexions, yellow undertones, red blotchy skin
    More Details
  • Sunkissed Beige: For dark olive sallow and sun-tanned complexions
    More Details
  • Cinnamon: For darker complexions to cover discolorations
    More Details

IMG_5687I won’t horrify you with having to cover up my occasional blemishes. Trust me, you should be thanking me. It covered up well. The only thing for me was that I felt it needed to be used in conjunction with foundation because otherwise it was clear to me that I had a concealer on. I have a couple of large freckles on my face and was able to hide them easily with the Everything Pencil!

I have a feeling this pencil will come in very hand in the warm weather with lighter and less clothing to wear. Imperfections can be covered and I can wear what I want!

I received an Everything Pencil for review purposes. Opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Jen said...

Great to see your blog. It's 65 in the Twin Cities today and I rode my horse outside. Life is good. Nice to connect with you via Blog Frog.

Kori said...

Wow I think I should try it! I'm hosting a blog hop tomorrow for the 2nd Fashion Friday! I'd love for you to link up with us! Let me know if you have questions. Have a great day honey! Kori xoox

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