Saturday, April 16, 2011

Minnesotans And B Kind 2 Earth Day

B Kind 2 Earth Day Nickelodeon,, and the National Wildlife Foundation are looking to have at least 75 people from State “like” B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook! While you’re there, maybe you want to sign up and promise to do something kind to Earth that day.

I’m not the only Minnesota Leader for B Kind 2 Earth Day. Here are a few other leaders you should be checking out:

Anti-Super Mom

Debbie Does Dinner Healthy

Frugal Front Porch

Kate in the Kitchen

I have been searching online for some ideas to do with my boys. Locally, Como Park Zoo is celebrating with their annual party, this year focusing on Cats and Kilowatts.

Visitors will learn & participate in fun, creative ways to save energy, money & the planet! Enjoy free educational activities throughout the Zoo and Conservatory featuring special animal encounters, the opportunity to meet the keepers of the zoo and gardens, contests, games & special earth-loving items families can take home.

Here are a few ideas from the organizers: Take your kids for a walk, ditch the disposable grocery bags, do a park cleanup or install a bird feeder – big or small, do whatever works for you!

I think I’m going to do some activities from the NWF from their This Earth Day, Get Earthy with Three Fun Dirt Activities!

Something that is VERY appealing to me is certifying my yard as a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat™. My home is on an acre of land and I have a wooded area on a large area of it. What would make my yard certifiable:

This is a process that will last over a day because I don’t have a water source, but I’ve always wanted a birdbath and we carry a great selection at work. I also need to look into native plants as a food source. I’d prefer the wildlife to stay away from my strawberries and raspberries to be quite honest. =)

I do have a couple of birdhouses so that’s a start. I also have evergreens and large trees for raising young. I’ll have to look into the dense shrubs during the late spring/early summer to see what I like. Making a composting pile will be easy enough, so that’s something the boys and I will work on for Earth Day!

What about you? If you’re from Minnesota, what are you plans for B Kind 2 Earth Day? Have you checked your city info to see what they have planned?


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