Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Were Featured at Big Teeth & Clouds

My youngest has hearing loss in his left ear. Thankfully, it hasn’t been so profound that it’s had to change our lives. When he gets ready for school now, we have one more small step to take.

I was so blessed to find Joey at Big Teeth & Clouds and have enjoyed her blog and message. Reading her experiences as a mom who has a child with hearing loss gives me encouragement.
I responded to one of her calls out to parents whow have children with hearing loss and we were featured on her Parent Profile this past Sunday! I’d love to have you check it out.

On Thursday he has his first follow up appointment since getting his hearing aid back in the Fall. I had no idea we were supposed to check in regularly. No one ever told me. So much to learn still.
Before you go, I want to apologize for how often I use my son’s nickname. I won’t use it here because it’ll drive you crazy. After re-reading my post, I was tempted to start using my kids real names.
I won’t be using their names, but I will refrain from using their nicknames so much in one post!


Penelope said...

Don't use their real names…we should protect our bunchkins!

Farmhouse Fixers said...

What is the hearing lost from? My oldest (I don't use names either!) has hearing problems in his right ear. We have learned that his ears are not good at draining so we see a chiropractor to avoid any surgery.

Thanks for dropping by Becoming Homegrown and grabbing my button! I'm a new follower!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

I read that post a bunch and didn't feel like "Doodle" was overused. I think sometimes we're more sensitive to our own stuff. Thanks so much for participating!

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