Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finding My Sexy~ Bald Isn’t Beautiful

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It’s down right sexy! I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or what, but there have been a lot of bald men popping up in my life: real and online.

One of the guys I work with, who’s in his 70s came up to me a couple weeks ago and said something to the effect of, “A study of some sort said women find bald men sexy.” I said, “Heck ya!” He seemed surprised at my reaction. hahahaha Don’t underestimate me bald man. He was like, “If I were younger…” Oh boy!

Bald men are sexy, because if they do it right, they just look hot. No, not all bald men are sexy, just like not all men with hair are sexy. I think pulling of bald is waaay harder then doing a style with hair.

Case in point: Jason Douglas, a MN native and Twitter user (that’s where I found him).jason-douglas-suitThere’s also a strength that I see in a man who has gone bald. If he’s losing his hair, he isn’t trying to hold on to what little there is. If he has a full head of hair and chooses to cut it all off, then man…have at it. More power to you.

That bald man has FOUND his sexy…and I’m all for it.

Yes, this post is a bit out of my norm, but I have to have an appreciation of the finer things God has created, right? We all have our preferences. I’m not saying bald is a preference, it’s just an opinion I have about them.

I do have some preferences though when it comes to a man I want to share my life with. Numero uno and the biggie of them all is a love for Christ! Not a Christian? We just won’t work. Simple as that.

Bald and a Christian, have we met yet?

I like a guy who doesn’t smoke (gag) and not a big drinker. My kids have never seen a single bottle of alcohol cross the threshold of my house. I’m NOT against drinking, I just prefer not to.

What else since I seem to be on a roll?

  • enjoys social media…I think that’s just a fun one

  • likes kids…duh, I have 4

  • digs me…I know, obvious, but my past shows that it’s NOT to them

  • swearing isn’t part of every day jargon…I do it, don’t get me wrong, just not often

  • likes to go do things…lets not sit at home all the time & it doesn’t have to cost anything, really

  • sports…I like me some Twins and Vikings

  • doesn’t mind a messy home…being honest here

  • understands my ADD…they have to get me

  • tattoos...raises the hot level exponentially and they add character

  • confidence (not arrogance)... screams manliness

  • tender (in heart, spirit, and mind)...what draws a woman more than this

  • sense of humor...something a smart woman can't live without in her man

Those are just off the top of my head.

What do you think of bald men? You agree with me, right? If you’re not married, or before you were, what were some of your “preferences” for the future man in your life?


KristinFilut said...

I say it's too bad I'm not bald or a man! Hahaha! You are definitely a catch, Meem!

The Book Club Network - TBCN said...

I've seen this all over, even girls that are bald and look good. They had a music contest where the female was a bald contender. It fit her personality.

Some people you see look really cool bald, it's as if they were always meant to be that way. It looks great on them. Then others not so good. One hair style or no hair style doesn't fit EVERYONE!

My husband shaved his head last year. He couldn't stand that he was losing his hair. He is definitely not one that looks GREAT bald. I begged him to let his hair grow back. He did!! I'm a HAPPY WOMEN. Grin!

The thing about being bald is that you have to not only shave your face but your head to. That's a lot of shaving to do everyday without cutting yourself and before work.

Also, how do these guys shave the back of their heads without needing stitches? I have a hard enough time shaving my legs and pits!! Just saying! They can't use Nair can they? Ok, crazy things to think of but you asked!! Grin!

Nora St.Laurent
The Book Club Network

SingleMamma4God said...

@cheynesuker is more my type if we are just talking looks. He is also saved and driven seemingly successful and social media savvy.

All things a plus in my book. He is married but it gives me hope that such yummy men are out there to be stumbled upon.

I do not believe Christians should get tattoos but we all have a past so I do not mind them.

Must like cats and kids.

I am so easy going I will appreciate if the husband God has for me is more like my twin or someone who shakes up my world a bit.

I hope to be able to afford a maid for my messy house. Some people thrive on everything in proper place. I thrive in what looks like chaos. Might as well let someone who enjoys it take it over.

What attracts me to a man is when he is serving God with his whole heart. I have tried everything else.

My celebrity crush is Ashton Kutcher.

Unknown said...

totally loved the guys with either the shaved head and a goatee or loner hair, and the clean face look. Taller than me, nice arms/chest always drew me. funny, for sure - tough guy, but gentle with kids/animals, worked with his hands and looked good in a great pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I'm with you on the tattoos - the right guy with the right ones.. yummy. I was in LOVE with John Schneider - more as a grown man in Smallville (he's super nice in person, too) and Brendan Fraser in the Mummy.

Now - the man I married - not the same as the ones I chased, but you know what - he's perfect for me so it's all good. :-)

Unknown said...

p.s. the actor Jason Statham. Just remembered his name. He's just what you described.

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