Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heelys Straight Up Review #heelys

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 3.19.49 PM My boys don’t get to have a lot of fun things and Heelys is one of those things they have never had. We live in a rural area and have dirt roads and a dirt driveway.

When we had the opportunity to try out Heelys for review, I was so excited for my boys. What I hadn’t prepared for was how NOT easy learning to use these would be! *chuckle*

I figured the boys would put the Heelys on and just go zooming off. When I see other kids wearing them, they’re zooming around without a care in the world.

I chose the Straight Up style. They seemed like the current trend the kids are wearing today. When we opened them up the boys were really excited!Heelys Straight Up

The Heelys reminded me of a pair of shoes I’d buy for my kids for school. I don’t know what I was expecting before they came. They were lighter in weight than I expected. I liked that because it wouldn’t be a heavy weight on their foot.

I really liked the design. It’s exactly what my boys would wear as a “regular” shoe on a daily basis. If my girls were little still, they’d go crazy over the selection available to them.Heelys Sassy Pink

Before you put the wheels on the Heelys you’ll find a slip that tells you that you won’t hold Heelys liable for any injuries. I think that’s a pretty wise idea. I mean, these shoes definitely could cause an accident. I mean, it’s a wheeled shoe!

Just like riding a bike, rollerblading, skate boarding, or any other wheeled sport, there’s always the potential for an accident. We have to expect something to happen and put helmets on our kids as well as pads if we want our kids to be buffered.

Now, for those who are interested in safety, Heelys has fantastic videos. They make sure the viewer understands that this is a SPORT! I find these extremely important and vital to a newbie! They also have a fantastic Responsible Skating Contract for the parents and kids to read and sign!

I really feel as though they’ve covered a lot of vital information on their site!Heelys Straight Up

My oldest, Buddy, put the shoes on, because he’s the one I got them for. He seemed very unsteady in them and didn’t really want to try them out! What? After all the excitement of getting them? Ok, on to Doodle.

As soon as I offered Doodle the chance to try them, he pretty much had his shoes off before I even finished the offer! He went into our entry way and went back and forth. This was before I watched any of the videos.

He really started to get the hang of it going from wall to wall. It’s an entirely different feeling so it takes some getting used to. Yes, I can say that because I tried the Heelys myself. LOL And no, you won’t be seeing that video!

I’m thinking that I’ll have Buddy watch the videos and encourage him to try them again. Since my Doodle loved his brother’s so much, I think I might have to get him a pair for Christmas. (yes, I know I just said that word)

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*I received these Heelys from Business2Blogger and Heelys. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

My boys love Heelys. The older one had his first pair when they first came out and now he's 14 and still loves them. Of course I need to buy bigger size every year now,lol.

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

My son would love a pair!! So fun!

Alison Golden - The Secret Life of a Warrior Woman said...

My kids would love a pair of these. I wouldn't see them for dust!

The Budget Diet said...

I remember when my boys tried Heelys...they never really got the hang of it!

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