Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boxed Dinners With General Mills #Cbias

On our way home yesterday the boys and I made a couple of stops to pick up a few needed items. The two places I usually shop are in the same town I work because they’re easy to access on my way home and no kids in the mix with their opinions on what we should buy.General Mills Boxed Dinners The first stop was at Cub Foods. I knew I was going to pick up ice cream there because it’s about $2 cheaper than at Walmart! Then, I totally scored because I had my coupons with me! I typically don’t have coupons with me since I can never seem to find any for the products we use.

Cub Foods is a Midwest grocery store. I shop there for specific items because they tend to be more expensive than Walmart. Since I typically don’t shop for General Mills boxed dinners here I figured it would be the perfect time to check them out.General Mills

One nice aspect is that if you buy 3 Hamburger Helper products you get $1.00 off your next shopping trip! Score!

Something I learned while shopping for these meals is that there are Gluten Free and Whole Wheat! Great options for those trying to eat healthier!

I decided it was going to be easier to just get our boxed dinner here so out the front door we went!Betty Crocker

I probably visit Walmart 2x a week picking up groceries and other necessary items. Thankfully, the boys are usually not with me because it’s just easier to shop without them. Thankfully Buddy was with me this time because it was his first time picking out deodorant and I wanted to make sure he got what he wanted.

We started off by picking out donuts for the morning. It’s a fun treat for the boys. From there we headed over to the boxed dinner aisle to see what the offering was.Betty Crocker

Turns out Walmart has Complete Meals, which I didn’t see at Cub Foods. Good information to tuck away for future use!

After we picked up a few items we headed home for dinner! The boys like helping me in the kitchen. Stirring and pouring is their favorite. Of course stirring a hot pot is not something they’re ready for so once the meal is on the stove, it’s all mom.General Mills 2

What I neglected to check with our Asian Chicken Helper Chicken Fried Rice is the ingredients. This means I had no eggs to include in our dinner. Insert a frowny face!

Making Betty Crocker boxed dinners are always easy and takes very little time. This meal was done in under half an hour. And when it comes to myself and the boys, we’re last minute eaters so Betty Crocker meals fit our family perfectly!General Mills Eating meals with my boys has become something we look forward to so we can catch up on our days and just to chit chat in general. My next step is to turn the tv off as we eat. I tend to lose them about halfway through dinner time as their attention is taken away by whatever show is on.

When it comes to dinner time, do you have a hard time getting the family around the table or do they love it as much as you do?

*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions are mine and never influenced by the company.


Liz Mays said...

My kids were always starving so they were happy to get to the table, but then they were also super busy and had meetings and practices so dinner time tended to be very quick!

Erika said...

Great post! It's always fun to see what other moms do for meals.

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