Monday, October 10, 2011

Kmart Halloween Shopping & Party BluPrints #KmartHalloween

Getting ready to shop
I was so excited to go shopping at Kmart for Halloween. My kids always enjoy Halloween, but since we live in the boonies I never really decorate the house. I figured this would be the year to snatch up some fun decorations. I'm not big on the scary side of Halloween, so my thought when I went shopping was that I'd be more towards pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, etc.

I got to Kmart and figured I'd do a once (or twice) over before I started putting things in the cart. I wanted to get an idea of what they had to offer. I knew I wanted to find a windsock, a costume, candy, and decorations. I just had no idea what else I would find.

The night before I went shopping I asked Doodle what he wanted to dress up as. He said a ninja so I figured I'd be able to pull that off. My boys are still young enough that I don't have to take them with me to shop for their costume. I know what they like at this point.

As I walked around I saw tons and tons of candy. Then there were rows and rows of costumes. They had some spooky decorations, but my hunt for toned down, not so scary decorations were kind of left wanting. No windsocks or Halloween themed flags, no table centerpieces (because I'm not the most creative), or harvest type products.

There were costumes to choose from for my youngest and I was worried that now I had an idea, but would they have the ninja costume? Thank goodness they did and he has worn it ever single day since I bought it! Next I started scooping up candy. I got mixed candy to hand out in the new treat bowl I also stuck in my cart! Then I found some Halloween Peeps, which made it at day at the house.

Time for some baking

Wilton Sprinkles
I walked up and down aisles to see if they had any baking products for cupcakes or cookies. I didn't find any mixes, but was stoked to find Wilton products!! Score! I got a necklace making kit for the neighbor kids to come over and put together. I snatched up cupcake and cookie decorations for the cupcakes I wanted to make later. I did ask a sales associate if they had anything geared towards Halloween and she said, "no". Bummer.

Time to decorate
I found some items for me, too. Something I rarely do is buy something for myself. I ended up grabbing some black, YES black, nail polish and some stickers to put on my nails. I also found a t-shirt for my costume, if you can call it that. Well, it's what my shirt says it is. =)

Last Saturday, my best friend came over for coffee and she decided she was going to help me do some decorating. Man am I glad because she can envision this kind of stuff where I just look at it and wonder where to start! She grabbed the spider web and started pulling it apart. One thing I was bummed about in regards to the spider web was that there were no spiders included and all I could find at Kmart were spider rings. We made them work.
The house and kids decorated
She went down to my entry way after she finished with my dining room light and took my pumpkin garland and wound it around, grabbed some candles I already had and then she surprised me with me the ghost Peeps and made this cute look!

Finally today, Monday, I was able to have the neighbor kids come over for some necklace making and cupcake decorating. I had to work all weekend so no time to bake or invite people over. I know my kids and  the neighbor kids are older so I wasn't sure if they'd think I was lame with my ideas or if they'd embrace them. HA! They were so excited to get creative!

First they went for the necklaces, except for Doodle who never follows the crowd. He wanted his cupcake done first and he went for all the sprinkles!

Buddy and his friend, along with the neighbor girl had quite the experience with their candy necklaces. They kept forgetting to watch the end they weren't stringing and ended up with several half strands of candy pinging all over the floor. Five second rule was in effect tonight!
Ready to make candy necklaces
Making the necklaces
Make sure you stop by your local Kmart to check out the most current deals like this one:
If you're looking for ideas, be sure to check out This is where I'm going to go for snacks that I want to take to work with me! Fun to share with my co-workers!

Trying to get into the fun
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tkharmonic (Terri) said...

The Kmart Facebook page is having a huge giveaway with daily Kmart gift card prizes, BIG gift cards, like $1000. That's a lot of candy necklaces.

I especially love the web on your light and window. Sorry, not sure I can spell chandelier correctly.

Superdumb Supervillain said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of fun. Can I come?

Dawn Sandomeno said...

Looks great and WOW love the nail polish! It's going to be a Happy Halloween in your house - well done.

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