Friday, October 14, 2011

My Son for Student Council

I don't typically brag about my kids, but I'm definitely going to do it today.

My Doodle came home from school today and announced as he came through the door that he was running for Student Council.

One of my kids? Running for an elected position in school? How did this happen? I have four kids and none of the other three had shown an interest in being involved in anything at this young age. Doodle is in 3rd grade.

I'm so amazingly excited!! Who knew I'd have a go-getter? He has to fill out an application and write a paragraph answering this question:

Why would you be the best student council representative for our homeroom?

Here's his answer with his spelling:

"Because I will respect others, I will be concidorit to others, I will respect other fealings, and student's omotions, I will talk with student's if they need it, I will encouarage student to try there best."

I really hope he gets to be on Student Council, just because he's my kid and that's what I hope for him! If he doesn't, I'll help him to see it as a learning experience and encourage him to try again next year!!

I'm so excited!!

Did you run for any elected positions when you were in school? How about your kids?

UPDATE: My little guy didn't get voted in. He was disappointed, but he might try again next year. Of course my heart hurt for his disappointment, but it's a learning experience. =)


Unknown said...

Good Luck to your son! How exciting for you and your family!

tkharmonic (Terri) said...

How wonderful! Just the answers alone are enough to make you proud as can be, and I think it's just great he decided to do this on his own.

Our school doesn't even have student council until 5th grade. I think it's wonderful to get kids started with leadership roles early in life, and with those answers, I'd certainly vote for him!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

YAY! Doodle! You totally get to brag on this one!

Unknown said...

You must be one proud mama! I love his application paragraph, spelling and all! I'm impressed - he's using some very big words. Good luck to him :D

Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) said...

"My Doodle?" MY DOODLE! Some day he's NOT going to let you call him .... .... MY DOODLE!

Congrats, btw...

Sandy said...

Best of luck for the next time around! No, that doesn't seem to run in our families. We like working behind the scenes.
I stopped by from KarmaBloggers to follow you.

Johane said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out for your little fellow.

I never ran for student council, but one of my little cheflets has been: Class VP in gr 5, Class Pres. in gr 6, missed it in gr 7, and ran for student council VP this year and got student council Secretary.

Another one of my cheflets ran for class president last year in gr 4, she didn't get it.

The oldest cheflet considered running, but we found out we had to move so she never did. My youngest cheflet hasn't shown an interest yet, but I think she'll likely give it a go too.

Go figure where they got it from... It certainly wasn't me! ;)

If your little fellow really wants to be on student council, he can always start with class president or class representative... It does give a child a good sense of government.

Rob said...

That stinks he didn't get in but better luck next year. It is cool that he even ran. That takes courage.

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