Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dig Drop Done ~ It's All About Bulbs

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I have this thing for bulbs...I love them. I love that if I get the right zone for where I live, they'll come back every year for me to enjoy. I have a fantastic perennial garden and I know spring has arrived once the little green shoots pop through the soil.

Now I've been turned on to Dig Drop Done. It's a really cute and quirky site that will help you and encourage you as you get ready for planting bulbs and taking care of them. Are you a novice and have no idea where to start? Their Ready To Learn menu is the place for you to start.

I've also been looking for some new bulbs to plant. Many of my perennials bloom at the same time. I want an array of flowers and color blooming throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I went through their Bulb Browser and sure enough, one of their first drop down menus was "Bloom Time"!!! Perfect, right? Exactly what I needed! It also goes along with their Bulb Calendar that you can find in the Ready to Plant drop down menu. When you click that, it brings up the month we're already in. You can always look ahead to see what you'll need to prepare for next month! Just like they said for March, I'm seeing some sprouts. I need to fertilize! Hadn't even considered that before!
There are great tips from the ladies at Dig Drop Done. I really like Marcy. Her tips, like raking leaves over bulbs in the Fall instead of bagging them is exactly what I do. And I love growing my own tomatoes and she says the perfect time to plant bulbs is when it's time to plant tomatoes!

There's just so much great information at Dig Drop Done. Their Family Fun has great ideas for crafts and decorating. I also want to see what plants do well together. I'm just a "plant on a whim" gardener. It sure would be nice to know what I'm doing for a change. hahahaha Honestly, I think I could get lost on this site! I've found it just in time for planting and growing season! Make sure you check them out so you can get just as hooked as me visit to learn more!

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Janice said...

I love bulbs popping out in spring! Have been waiting to check out my new lawn and so far haven't seen a single bulb. Kind of weird.

Anonymous said...

Awesome share! I've always loved flowers but never really knew what I was doing. I will definitely check out this site.

Liz Mays said...

Every year I say I'm going to plant some but then I never do. I really want to though, and I LOVE perennials!

Anonymous said...

I love having beautiful flowers in my yard, but I am terrible at maintaining them. I need to do better this year.

Unknown said...

I've never planted bulbs as I wasn't quite sure how to. Now I'll have to get some.

Michelle said...

Fun! I can't wait to plan this year's garden!

Kelly Bejelly said...

I so need to get to work on landscaping my yard. Thanks for the share on the contest! I'm going to enter!

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