Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have a confession to make. I love t-shirts. Put me in a pair of jeans and a fabulous t-shirt and I’m a happy girl!
That being said, I had the opportunity to try out the new Old Navy BEST-TEES! I went with the Women's Tri-Blend V-Neck in Dark Blue. The one thing I noticed right away was how much I liked the color! It’s not just a solid blue. There are flecks of white in it that add character to it!
Womens Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee
When I put it on, I loved how soft it was and it fit me perfectly. I chose a size SM, but since I’d never tried one on before I wasn’t sure of the fit. Well, the SM is actually a bit big on me. I’ll have to go with an XS next time. Live and learn, eh?
It’s also a long t-shirt which would be perfect for layering and tucking in if you’re wearing it with something else. I hate when you have a t-shirt that barely tucks into your pants and is always coming undone. So irritating. I know you know what I’m talking about!Old Navy Best Tee
I will admit, for the most part, I prefer to wear my t-shirts outside of my jeans so I would’ve liked this shirt to have been about 3” shorter. It actually is hangs down to the crotch of my pants, which works for the reasons I mentioned above: layering and tucking!
I was never much of a v-neck shirt wearer, but I’ve noticed lately that I’m leaning towards them more. I guess I feel more girly? Who knows. I just like that the v-neck doesn’t go down too far!Old Navy Best Tee
I haven’t done a family photo for a LONG time and realized these shirts come in sizes from Toddlers, to Kids, to Men, and Women! Now I just have to decide if we’re going to all match, have the boys wear one color and the girls wear another or all wear a different one…and possibly a different cut! Oh the options…

And if you haven’t seen this video/commercial with Mr. T you’ve been missing out!

The next time I go shopping at Old Navy, I’ll be stocking up on some much needed camisoles and tanks, as well as a few of their t-shirts so I can mix and match!
What do you love best about the t-shirts you wear? What new ones will you be adding to your wardrobe this Spring/Summer?
“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Old Navy and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”


fancygrlnancy said...

Love Old Navy clothes and the Tshirts are so comfy.

Unknown said...

That commercial is hilarious...Ha!!! :) It's been so long since I've bought a t-shirt that wasn't maternity...hee hee hee :)

Have a great night,


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I love Old Navy for stocking up on inexpensive wardrobe fillers like this! I like the longer t, because with jeans being so low these days, I need the extra length so my bum stays covered if I bend over!

Brittany Boardley said...

I love Old Navy! I really like simple comfy tees!

Doctor's Notes said...

I love Old Navy Tera. They are just so comfortable.

Hillary Glaser said...

I love Old Navy Tees - I just wish they were a tad longer in length! They're so soft though!

Melissa Say What? said...

The last two rounds of tees I got were Kohl's and Walmart. I'm a jeans and tee gal, too. When I find one I like I buy them in multiple colors. In my industry, I can wear them to work! Plus, at least for my top half, I really don't have to try anything on. I have a good gauge of what styles and sizes (at multiple stores) flatter me.

I can't wait to try these! I love them long because it elongates my torso, which is super short!

Diane said...

I was just at old navy today! I actually got 3 shirts from them!

Tree said...

Cute! I just got one of these for a prize in a Twitter party. :) Can't wait to wear mine!

Carolyn M said...

I love love love OLD NAVY! You look fabulous in your tee... that's all I wear here at the beach in S. Calif. because it's all a bunch of us beach bums here. I don't think the length is really doing anything bad to the look. You're rawking it!

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