Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Remodeling The Kitchen

I might work at a hardware store that encourages us to be Do It Yourselfers, but I’ve never been much of a DIYer! I’ve done minor changes at the house, but nothing on a major scale…until now!

Last week I decided that I was tired of the 80s looking kitchen. I’ve never been a fan of dark wood. I’m our old house, everything was a light colored wood and bright. So, I started looking around at different sites (and pinning them) to get some ideas.RemodelI’m definitely going with an off-white for my cupboards. In fact, I’ve already bought the primer, paint and sanding blocks. Yesterday I started wiping down the cupboard doors and frame. I realize it’s just the beginning of March and I won’t be priming and painting quite yet, but I’m excited for the change!RemodelNot only am I going to be redoing the cupboards, I’m going to be working with Rust-Oleum and transforming my countertops! They are a an unappealing gold color! yuck! I’ve lived with them for too long. I’m sure back in the day it was a great color, but not anymore. It just shows how old it truly is!RemodelNow, this was the hard part, deciding which color to go with. Having off-white cupboards I wanted a dark counter, nothing even close to the gold. My three options then were Java Stone, Onyx and Charcoal. I was originally going to go with the Charcoal, but I was afraid the white chips in the counter might clash with the cupboards. I like the Onyx, but is it too black? Then there was the Java Stone which I liked because I kind of want a coffee theme in the kitchen (you know…java? eh, I tried). I thought it might not go well with the off-white, too.

It’s so hard deciding on your own unless you have an eye for this kind of thing, which I don’t!

Then you’ll see the hardware needs to go! I’m thinking I’ll go with a Satin Nickel of some sort. Not 100% on that yet, but thankfully I have time.RemodelAbove the cupboards is a border that will be gone before you can say, “cheesy”. No, I didn’t put that up there! It was there when we bought the house. That will come down and I’ll probably put some coffee related wording up there…maybe.RemodelDon’t you love how decisive I am?

Ok, what do you think about the color of the counters? I’m really nervous about the Onyx and if you think I should go with the Charcoal or Java Stone I’d like to hear your thoughts!

* I haven’t been compensated for this post. Just me being me!


Linda said...

I love the color of your cabinets! And it wood! I'd hate to see you paint them. I do see your point with the door handles. I'd try to see is one could find a better design and touch up if the sizes don't match.

Remove the dark border and replace with something lighter. Paint the walls an off white/ivory. You could still do the onyx counter top.

But if you must, I'd go with the Onyx for the counter top. Remove the heavy, dark border. Paint the walls a different color--lighter with a little warmth.

There, that's my opinion. LOL! I love wood-grain cupboards.

Bruce Sallan said...

I wanna help...I'll come over when it's done and eat!

Elly Filho said...

I agree on a couple of things..
- Im not a fan of dark wood cabinets either I love the off white or white my choice for when i buy a house..
I also agree that - That border has to GO LOL
Now about the counter tops and colors :)
-The Onyx to me does not look good with white cabinets, I've never seen it that way either( I've only seen it with the dark wood cabinets ) so im not sure how it would look :-/
My choice would be the Charcoal counters with the offwhite cabinets :)

Adelina Priddis said...

Good luck with your remodel! I am a fan of black and whites together, but the countertops might be too dark with off white cupboards...not really sure on it. We're starting a kitchen remodel here soon too, but we're tearing everything out and starting fresh!

Elizabeth said...

Ohh! This must all be so exciting for you. So many decisions but it seems like you know what you want :) Make sure to keep us updated with lots of photos

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