Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fitness Added To My LIfe: Active 2 and Just Dance 3

I’m not the kind of gal who’s into fitness and working out. It’s just never really been my “thing”. Sure, I’d love to have a personal trainer, who wouldn’t? It’d be awesome to have a membership to a gym, but I kind of stink at going by myself.

So, this past Christmas I asked my mom for one thing… Just Dance 3. I figured, if I liked it, maybe I’d do it enough that it’d count as a work out. I mean, if anything, I’d get my heart rate up, right?

She did what I asked and that’s what I got for Christmas. And it sat in it’s little case for about a month before I even got up the nerve to try it. I actually had my boys try it first just to see how hard it was for them to do it. LOL I know, I’m a coward.

It didn’t seem too complicated so I finally gave it a go. The first few times I failed miserably! I couldn’t figure out all the moves and it turns out I was holding the controller wrong. Listen people, I’m not a gamer. I don’t use these things. One reason I’d like the Xbox 360 with Kinect since it’s hands free.

Just Dance 3 Doodle and I started doing Just Dance 3 every single day. He’d come home and the first thing he’d do is challenge me to a few dances. Turns out mom isn’t so bad once she figures out how the whole thing works. Yes, I have to admit I get giddy every time I see “Perfect” come up with each move. I’m challenging myself to get a higher score each time. =)Just Dance 3

Just recently I did a Twitter party focused on Zumba. Everyone there who had gone to classes just couldn’t say enough good things about it. I decided I needed that. I have always wanted to learn how to move like that and it looks like fun!

Well, while I was shopping for Zumba I came across Active 2 by EASports on sale for $10. I figured, why the heck not try it out. I bought it, tried it out and I’m half way through my first month and I’m on track with every day so far. 

About a week ago I upped the intensity because I felt like I just wasn’t working out. Let me be clear. I have upper body strength. Always have, BUT, and this is a big but, I have never had any leg strength and I’m pretty positive there’s no muscle in my gluteus maximus! And to top things off, I’ve had 4 kids which means I have belly flab. No way around that. Needless to say, every time my “trainer” says, “glutes” my 8yr old busts into a fit of giggles!Active 2

I didn’t start off 2012 with any goals for the year and no resolutions. This kind of came out of the blue for me. Maybe it’s because of the divorce and wanting to look better all around. I certainly know I want to feel better about myself and this is one way of doing it. I know before when I’ve left a relationship I’ve chopped off all  my hair. This time I’m gettin’ this old bod into shape…maybe…if it can figure out there are muscles where the chub is supposed to be!

What I want to know is if you have any toning advice. I would love to have a tone belly, butt and thighs. Anything I should add to what I’m already doing? I need all the help I can get!

*This is not a paid post for any games. It’s just me being me. =)


Kristin Marriott said...

LOL! My workout IS Just Dance! I have 2 and 3 to mix it up and I love it. I imagine my neighbors think something wonky is going on though. Our tv is right by my big window and I dance like I'm being electrocuted, so they've got to be wondering what's up ;)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Clearly your body is already in shape. You look fantastic!

Bruce Sallan said...

We want video...we WANT video! WE WANT VIDEO Mimi! C'mon, not just those lovely stills, let's see YOU in action! Others, let's harass Mimi until she posts some Dance 3 video!!!!

Kelly Bejelly said...

This looks fun! I need to get something like this so I'm not dragging to do a workout. Hrmm. . how to convince hubby we need the Kinect??

Beck Valley Books said...

You go girl !!! Not that you need it your already in shape!!! Time to switch mine on I think xx

ELLY Filho said...

Yeah cause your fat ass really needs it right ???. I wish I looked as good as you LOL.... You look amazing ...
But I understand you wanting to look even hotter lol
I'm starting with 30 days shred .. Just ordered it hopefully I will have the courage to get it done ... Xoxo

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