Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cool Gear : Spring Fever Event Highlight

My 8 year old son loves having picnics. If he asks me if we can have a picnic and I agree, the child gets everything out on his own! Not kidding. He’s nice to have around for a picnic. All I have to do is show up!Cool Gear

Well, a couple items necessary for a fantastic picnic is a pitcher since we love having juice or water for our picnics and the Cool Gear 75 oz EZ Freeze Pitcher comes in handy for that! Cool Gear Cool Gear

I really like that I don’t have to add ice to the pitcher with the awesome freezer stick! YES! No diluted drinks, which I  hate! I like my drinks to be super cold and flavorful!

Cool GearI also like eating a bit healthier than my boys so I love having the Stayfit Deluxe Salad Kit. I also like that I can use it for work! This little gizmo has made taking salads on the go so much easier. One of my issues was the salad dressing. This has a container that sits perfectly in the middle! Hooray!StayfitNon-toxic freezer gel filled tray keeps your salad & dressings cold. That’s the green piece that the dressing sits in. I put it in the freezer and it keeps my salad and extras cool until lunch/picnic time! The lid also snaps on and the dressing has a lid as well!

You can’t really see the size of it very well, but this container is HUGE! The carrots you see, they’re the really big fat ones! hahahaha If I’d have had broccoli and cauliflower I would’ve had those in the sections as well. I’m just a bad planner! =/

Both of these items will be part of my Spring Grilling package for the Spring Fever event which will start April 15th!!

*I was sent both items for review and the opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Michelle Maskaly said...

Oh, I love these products!!!

Hillary Glaser said...

I'm LOVING that pitcher! I always stick my pitcher in the freezer first but with the pitcher you have - I won't have to!

Kelly said...

This looks great. I love the compartments! This would be great for road trips.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Love that pitcher! Totally with you on the watered down drink... Does it stay cold for long?

Brynn Arego said...

What neat products! Can't wait for the giveaway to start :)

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