Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Happy & Full Easter

It’s so different having holidays be just me and my boys. This house used to be bustling with activity when there were 6 of us here. When the kids start to leave and you get a divorce, holidays become very different.

We still do the traditional egg dying all the while knowing the reason behind today’s focus, the Risen Lamb, Jesus Christ.


For a change, I boiled my eggs early in the day. Usually it’s, “oh crap, we have to color the eggs before you go to bed!” My mind is always somewhere else. Hello ADD!

eggstime to get creative!Eggs againThis kid, he has never had a problem having his picture taken! I had tried putting one of the red bands on the long way, all the while telling him it wasn’t going to fit. As I was saying that, the egg went flying OUT of my hands and exploded on the floor.

Not one to let an opportunity slip by, Doodle asked if he could destroy it. Be my guest fella!

IMG_1642IMG_1641So, were any eggs lost during your coloring or did fingers ended up as stained as my sons (and wrinkly)?

What’s your favorite part of Easter?


Liz Mays said...

We always kept the ugly mistakes anyhow! LOL

Amy said...

I love your eggs! Lil C and i colored eggs a few nights before easter - just because he was going to his daddys for 1/2 the week (including easter) I cant wait til next year, I will have him for easter and we can go to church and do all the fun things that go along with it.

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