Monday, April 23, 2012

In Support of Brandie @littlewys #BEWBLUV #usguys

Some people may poo-poo connecting online with others. The thought of actually meeting them in person, crazy. Well, I can tell you, the power of community online is amazing. Meeting them face to face, phenomenal!

I’m part of a Twitter stream under the hashtag #usguys. We’re from all over the world connecting for various reasons. Many people share amazing content that’s full of meat and thought. Then there are those like me, who are simple mom bloggers who talk about coffee, bacon and just encouraging everyone to have a stellar day.

We all bring something different to the conversation.

A couple weeks ago, @lttlewys revealed to us that she had breast cancer. She even shared it on her blog. We were all stunned. One of our own. Someone who has been met by others in the #usguys stream. A woman who adds warmth and goodness to our day.IMG_1967Well, today was her surgery day and I decided that I was going to wear ALL pink (aside from my jeans) in honor of her. Ted Rubin dedicated his 100,000th tweet to Brandie! Meghan M Biro created a very cool avatar that I took for today on Twitter. JC Little made a Twibbon, which others have added to their avatars. Dave Reynolds, DJ extraordinaire made a YouTube video saying he wasn’t going to take off his dress until he heard Brandie was out of surgery and doing well!

THIS is the Social Media I know and love! We surround those we know with love and encouragement!

So, I can’t do a lot as just me. I don’t have the same connections and reach that many in the #usguys stream have. BUT, I can let Brandie know that I’m praying for her and loving on her from afar!

If you think about it, will you visit Twitter and let @lttlewys know you’re sending good thoughts her way, prayers, what-have-you. Use the #bewbluv hashtag.


Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) said...

Go Brandie! You will survive AND thrive! And, Mimi, you look great in pink (or any color, for that matter)!

DinoDinosaur1 said...

You look better in pink than Dave or I did. Great to hear that you're up and tweeting already. #bewbluv

Amanda @ Coping with Frugality said...

You are such an amazing friend Mimi! I love to see that even in this digital age people make connections and care about each other :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you! I hope this catches on! :)

deborah weinstein said...


Felicia said...

This is awesome, Mimi! Such a wonderful example of the connections made every day and how important it is to support one another.

Kelly Bejelly said...

What a touching thing to do!

Melissa Say What? said...

What an amazing story! I'm at a loss for words!

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