Thursday, April 12, 2012 : Spring Fever Event Highlight

We have now entered picnic season! Ok, last month felt like we’d entered picnic season. April feels like we’ve reverted back to winter. Brrr

It was warm enough out a couple weeks ago that my boys and I had a picnic. In the cold months, my Doodle will set up one indoors. Like I’ve said before, this kid loves picnics. He gets everything ready and all we have to do is show Logo provided an easy way for him to set the stage for picnics either inside or out with their Sutherland Kaleidoscope Picnic Backpack for 2. Super cute little backpack!

It comes with everything you need for your kids to have a picnic! And the backpack is lightweight so they could take it on a trip or a hike. The picnic items are in the middle section. That leaves the small pocket on the very front, a bigger zipped part attached to the front pocket, then the items, and then a large zippered section for carrying anything else they’d want. There are also vented pockets on either side of the backpack.picnicbaskets.comIncluded in the backpack:

2 plastic knives
2 plastic forks
2 plastic spoons
2 plastic cups
2 - 8" plastic dinner plates
2 polyester napkins

Everything was the perfect size for the boys!

Now, they do have some grown up picnic baskets, lest we adults feel left out! Check this one out:

merlotdeluxeopen  They also have accessories like picnic blankets and items for tailgating!

The Sutherland Kaleidoscope Picnic Backpack for 2 will be part of my Spring Grilling package for the Spring Fever event which will start April 15th!!

*I was sent this item for review and the opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Kw mccabe said...

Love those picnic baskets- haven't been on a picnic in years!

Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN said...

I need this for my picnics with my kids! Love it!

Michelle Maskaly said...

I love picnic baskets! And, picnics! But, I seem to not go on nearly enough of them.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

This looks awesome, and would go great with my picnic blanket I'm reviewing and giving away for this event! ;) YAY for Spring picnics!!

Unknown said...

I can't remember the last time I went on a picnic. These baskets look awesome.

Elizabeth said...

I love this! I think I want to win YOUR prize package! :)

Tree said...

Very cool! My youngest would love this to share with her girlfriends.. they love to eat outside. :)

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