Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm the Most Horrible Mom In the World

(sing that title to the tune of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year")

I dig Jen from Life with Levi. We're kind of like Country Mouse and City Mouse. We do things differently, but it's all good. She loves her son, I love my 4 kids. Or DO I?
Jen started a Facebook thread about how moms need to band together. We all do it differently, but different doesn't mean wrong. So, let me tell you how I parent my kids and you can decide for yourself.

Natural birth with 3 kids, my oldest (and smallest) I had an epidural

Both boys are circumcised. 2nd son on the 8th day.

I breast fed all 4 of my kids, my last for over 2 yrs

I used Huggies disposable diapers

I used baby wipes instead of making my own from scratch

I let my boys sleep with me and my ex for a couple years if they wanted

My kids have a bedtime

They have chores

I taught my daughters to do laundry at about 12 yrs old

I let my kids all have their own Nintendo DS's

My kids drink pop

I make my boys brush their teeth twice a day

When my kids hurt someone, I make them apologize

I forget to do laundry and my son will wear his shorts/pants twice

I'm teaching my children about my faith which I pray will become theirs

At bedtime I pray individually with each of my boys

My kids got a phone when they were around 13 because of activities

I expect my kids to be considerate of others

The boys have to do their homework before tv, computer or handheld games

I make my boys go outside and play after school

I haven't let my 13 yr old have a Facebook account

I am very cautious about what my kids read, watch and listen to

I've allowed all 4 of my kids to sit on my lap when we're up North, in the country where no cars are around and let them steer the van for about a mile

If my boys don't eat dinner, they don't get a snack

If they don't like my dinner, they are welcome to get their own substitution

I buy processed snacks like Little Debbies

I made all 4 of my kids read

I went to the Sex Ed class to learn what my kids were learning and pulled my oldest daughter, but didn't with my second daughter and haven't with my son

I don't view dating as a right, but a privilege. There's no magical age, it's about responsibility and maturity

Driving isn't a right, it's a privilege. Just because you're 16 doesn't mean you should be driving

I use proper terms with my kids for their body parts. I used to use other words, but they're old enough that we use proper terminology

I don't spell words for my kids, I make them at least try and will give a letter here or there, but I want them to put forth the effort

If my kids get a bad grade in school, but tried their hardest, I'm ok with that! If they tell me they forgot to do assignments or didn't finish projects and got a bad grade, I'm NOT ok with that.

I've tried to teach my kids to burp the alphabet cuz we all need skillz

Bodily functions are to be laughed about in our home (hopefully not in public)

I don't care how my toilet paper rolls as long as the last person puts a new one on

I feed my boys pop tarts and chicken nuggets

So that's me in a very small, or is that big, nutshell?


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Wouldn't the world be boring if we all parented the exact same way? We have to do what's best for our own kids!

BrettBMartin said...

My kids do chores too. At 7, 5 and 3. I had c sections. All three times. I forgot to play tooth fairy on tooth 2

Jamie Miles said...

This is awesome. I might have to join. I too let my kids to lots of these things. For the most part, we are all doing the best we can at this moment in time.

Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

Hahaha! Mimi you had me cracking up on the "burping the alphabet cuz we all need skillz" part! You're an awesome mom!!!

Aaron Brinker said...


This is why I love you as a mom and stick with you! You keep it real. I might be a stay-at-home dad but let me tell you that burping the alphabet is not a easy task to accomplish. Once you have mastered the skill its all about the contests and who can get the loudest burp!! I would never get dads to do one of these but I might have to do one just to let everyone know I am human. :)


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