Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oracle OCP 10g Certification

An Oracle Database manager is required an understanding of not only the infrastructure of an Oracle Database management system, but its operational schematic, as well. Due to the fact that an Oracle Database Management system is architected in a relational manner, the individual taking the 10g OPC Oracle Certification exam will be required to not only operate, but also manage such a system. The operational knowledge required by an Oracle Database Manager is further comprised of Oracle RAC, which stands for Real Application Clusters – this is Oracle’s terminology for bundles of related data. Although the data is stored in related clusters of data, there exist a multitude of data clusters in various locations, the data must be seamlessly integrated in order to provide a whole, complete presentation of that stored data.

An Oracle Certified Professional is an Oracle Certification showing that the individual who has earned it has an implicit knowledge of not only the operations of an Oracle 10g database management system, but also the ability to manage it, as well. Due to the fact that the Oracle 10g database management system was designed to both aggregate and disperse data in a conglomerated, cluster-based nature, the recipient of the recipient of the OCP 10g Oracle Certification must be well-versed in everything from recovery management to the assignment and management of data storage.

The website (click here) is a proven study tool and training program that is offered online, which provides individuals taking the OCP 10g certification exam with the most up-to-date and authentic exam questions mirroring those found on the actual Oracle Certification Professional examination.


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