Thursday, February 7, 2013

8 Home Items That Need Protecting

There are many home items that need to be kept safe from nature and accidents around the house. Keeping these secure is mandatory if you don't want to get into trouble. Here are eight important items that you should not leave unprotected...

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1. Original Birth Certificates and Passports: We all know how big of a hassle it is to replace these documents. Keeping these safe is important because they come really handy when establishing identity when you’re traveling with your children.

2. Property Insurance Policies Along with Contact Info of the Agent: In case your house suffers damage, this is the information that you need to have with you because you will have to file a claim.

3. CDs/External Hard Drive Containing Digital Copies of Family Pictures: Your family memories if lost cannot be replaced. So even if you have all the family photographs scanned and saved in the form of a digital copies, you still need to keep the device holding them safe.

4. Keys to the Safe Deposit Box: If you happen to store your valuables in a bank like everybody, in a safe deposit box, then the last thing you want to happen is lose the keys to it. So this is one item that you need to keep in a safe place.

5. Original Social Security Cards: The importance of the social security card cannot be underestimated. If lost, your card may take time to get replaced and in this waiting period you may need it in order to establish eligibility to avail benefits.

6. Jewelry, Cash, Coins, etc: This goes without saying but keeping these valuables in a safe place where you can access them whenever needed will give you peace of mind, so that you can focus on other important areas of life.

7. Copies of Important Legal Documents: Legal documents such as the living wills, powers of attorney and health care proxies are there for a reason: which is to provide you with the protection promised. So keeping these secure is simply common sense.

8. Information Related to Your Debts: You should always try to keep a tab on your finances and ensure that your credit is protected. So any information on your outstanding debts, the due dates and any contact information has to be protected.

The protection of these valuable items is especially important if you are located in a higher risk urban area like Dallas, TX. While you can utilize safes and alarms for your smaller valuables like cash and jewelry, you may want to utilize local self storage unit for the safe keeping of larger items like art or even items like a classic car.


D Martinez said...

This is a great post. People need to re reminded to put important papers away. I know I have my originals in a safe and copies in another spot. Thank you for this post.

momto8 said...

a great list!!! for some strange reason we gave our daughter her original birth certificate as proof for some political event while she was in high school, which she lost..and trying to get a passport was so much harder!!!

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