Friday, February 15, 2013

How Am I Old Enough For College Age Kids?!

Alright, so maybe I shouldn’t have called my girls “kids”, but I swear, it’s true, they’ll always be your child no matter how old they get. I wonder if I’ll feel the same way when they’re in their 40s?

I have a really hard time grasping that I’m old enough to have two daughters in college. When did they get to be the age where I started having kids? How come I don’t feel as old as I think I should if I have a 21 and 19 yr old? It’s all very mind baffling.


I remember when my oldest went off to college. It was so hard for me! I cried the whole way down to the dorm. I even called the radio station and asked them to play a song for her. lol It’s a large, private college with a very large radio station. The next couple of nights I slept in her bed and cried my eyes out. lol

Did I mention she was only an hour away? Unfortunately, being a single mom and having young boys, work, and life, I wasn’t able to get down there often. Here’s the cool part…we had a close friend working at the college. So, on Wednesday nights or Sundays I would bring him various things to take down to her. It was such a blessing!

Missing my girl

Then my second daughter graduated college and off she went, to the SAME private college! I was so thankful she was able to go there along with a couple of friends. It wasn’t as hard with my second daughter because I realized that they weren’t gone forever!

Well, life has many twists and turns and now I’m several days away from them. I have no way to just drop something off at the school, I don’t have anyone to send a care package with from church. It’s not as convenient as it was just a month ago.

Unversity Snacks Front page

Thankfully, I found an online site called University Snacks. It’s a website that will help you put together some care packages for your son or daughter who’s away at school! I have been going through their site trying to come up with a care package to send to my girls.

They pretty much think of every category you might want to shop from for your student! I was surprised at the selection. I know what my daughter likes to eat, but she and her sister have been cutting out dairy and I think gluten here and there. Also, my youngest has been trying to live a vegan lifestyle so when I send her care package next she will definitely have to help me out. lol She may end up with only cleaning and health products!

I also have a feeling there are going to be times where I won’t have a chance to just “go shopping”, so being able to pick a premade package will make things so much easier. They even had a Valentine’s Day package to let your student know that they’re still loved even miles and miles away! Unfortunately, I didn’t shop in time to get one sent out! Next holiday, right?

Valentine's Day Package

My daughter picked out a few different things than I initially was going to get her and that makes me glad I had her shop with me. I probably would’ve gotten more junk food than what she picked out. hahahahaha I did decide to throw in a soup for these cold winter days and candy that she loves to add that personal touch!

Care Package

What I didn’t do this time, and will next time, is ask for an item that her roommates might like. I’m sure they’d love a little something in the mail and I’d love to be able to bless them. My daughter has roomed with one of the gals, her best friend, for 3 years now! What I did do was get more than one of the same thing that I figured they’d go through the fastest. HA! They are “starving” right?

Shopping Cart Full

You can check out my entire shopping experience on my Google + page! It was really fun, in a mom kind of way, to be able to get this package put together for my girl. It just gives me a way to let her know I’m thinking of her and so she knows she’s missed and loved.

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Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

First off, you must have been a baby when you started having babies, because you certainly don't LOOK old enough!

That said, what a great idea. I was so unhappy my freshman year when I was away. Care packages were The Bomb!

Unknown said...

Oh, Mimi, I certainly understand! My oldest turns 34 in June. I thought they were going to have to call the guys in the white jackets for me when he and his family moved to Abu Dhabi last August. I cried and cried, even though he hasn't lived with me since he was 18! It just tore my heart out. We skype too, but it's not so easy to send him things!

Anonymous said...

Aww I bet they love getting goodie package! And... I feel ya. I'm teaching my son how to drive and I keep saying the same thing, 'how am I old enough to have a kid driving?!?' - Crazy how fast time flies!

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

I don't even want to think about my son getting that old. I don't want to deal with it! They should stay babies!

Laura Grace Andry said...

What an awesome idea. I remember being homesick and loving talking to my friends and family when I went away to college. Care packages are always a great idea. I also loved opening up snail mail too :)

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