Monday, February 11, 2013

I Finally Did a #DIY Project

Thanks to Debi from Who Says 8 Is Enough, who found a cute pin on Pinterest, I finally decided to do a craft. Now, I’m not crafty, so I asked her for directions. Bless her heart, she was kind enough to make them for me!

DIY Letter Supplies

Did I mention I had no craft supplies here? I got to go shopping for a few things! I’ll admit right now, I have never in my life used Modge Podge. Man, does that stuff stink! I do like the results though!

I was going to spell LOVE just like Debi did, but man, my stinkin' budget (if you even can call it that) left me with less letters to choose from. lol So I only did two "f" and "m". I walked around the scrapbooking paper for about 10 minutes trying to decide on two papers to use. When I used scrapbooked it seemed like we had more choices.

As soon as I got home I totally went to town. Well, after I pulled up Debi's instructions again! I was so excited it seemed I couldn't remember everything to do!

1. I painted around the trim of the canvas with the black acrylic paint

DIY Letters

2. Painted the letters with the same black paint

DIY Letters Painted

3. Next I brushed Modge Podge on to the canvas and applied the paper I had cut to fit it (it's not perfect so don't look closely)

Paper on Canvas

4. After that was given ample time to dry (I didn't smooth it out perfectly) I Modge Podged over the paper! I had no idea it would come out so glossy! It was awesome. I tried "painting" down the paper trim as I went around the entire thing with the Modge Podge. Most of it stayed bent over the sides.

Modge Podge Canvas

5. After I let that all dry overnight, I glued on the wooden letters with tacky glue. The "f" I got was pretty small compared to the "m" and couldn't figure out the best way to do it. I decided to go the route of angling the letters. Yay me!

Letters on Canvas

That's it. My very first DIY craft. I'm excited to use them!! Now, let's just hope the paper...and letters stay on. =)


Sonia Barton said...

Nice work. And yup some of that stuff can add up $$$$

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