Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Fairytale Journey from London to Paris

London and Paris are two of the most beautiful and famous European cities. They are filled with a combination of new and old, contemporary and historical that is enough to seduce any prospective traveller. Paris is home to Eurodisney, the European version of the much beloved Disney World Florida. A brilliant place for a family holiday, Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction in Europe and a hot ticket for summer holidays. The location makes it an ideal stop for those travelling across Europe. With Disneyland Paris’ rail connections you’ll find it an easy to get to on your European adventure! In addition a quick online search for Disneyland Paris tickets can also save you money at the door.

Comparatively, London’s attractions are more disparate and spread across the entire city. Like Paris, it is home to some highly respected and revered architecture and also relatively easy to visit with its many rail connections. One of London’s major attractions, the London Eye, offers a fantastic opportunity to view all of London’s scenery and more. Towering almost 450ft above the city, the London Eye gives you a bird’s eye view of the capital. In total the journey takes almost one hour and thirty minutes to complete, ensuring that visitors have enough time to enjoy the impressive panorama view has to offer. Furthermore it boasts views of up to 40km on a clear day allowing people to see the furthest extents of such a beautiful and limitless city. To see this for yourself, get GoSeeDo London Eye tickets today and enjoy London from a whole new angle.

The two cities are the capitals of their respective countries and between them receive just under 60-million visitors ever year. These are two red hot tourist destinations containing more attractions than most people see in a lifetime. At the top of many keen tourists’ to-visit lists, check out London and Paris you next holiday trip!


Liz Mays said...

I still need to do London, but I've been to Paris!

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