Thursday, May 9, 2013

Capture Your Memories With Best Buy #spon

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I don’t know if you’re like me, you are constantly snapping photos with your phone! I get a ton of pictures with it, but the quality has always been pretty poor. Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday with Father’s Day right behind. I also have two birthdays in June and 6 in July. Not to mention Fourth of July and I’ll be taking a trip to Peru over my birthday. Guess who wants an awesome camera to capture those memories? Yea, this gal!

Typically when I take pictures with my phone they’re either too small for print or too dark or blurry. Not at all like my old Canon Rebel, obviously. I’ve been eyeing some full size cameras again as well as lenses. Just knowing the quality of my old camera and what’s available today has me drooling over them!
Nikon D5100

Come to mama Nikon D5100
I know that Best Buy has a fabulous line of cameras that start with the very basic point & shoot, up to the experienced photographers cameras. I would actually like something middle of the road. Every time I’m with people who have their cameras with them, I’m watching them to see the ease of use and the features. Sometimes, if the camera really interests me, I’ll start asking more questions. I have to admit, I have a few favorites at this point. It seems most of my photos these days are in low lighting situations, so I’ll have to talk to the peeps at Best Buy to find out what one would be best for me!

Thankfully, like with the Nikon seen above, you get free shipping on all cameras at, booyah! Seriously, with gas prices, I’ll take it! They also have a low price guarantee and again, the Nikon is half the price of the Canon I got 8 yrs ago and is waaay more advanced! I had no idea that Best Buy will take your old camera in as a trade in and give you a gift card! That keeps you from having to figure out how to recycle it and you get some money out of it! Bonus!
HP Photo Frame
I love the everyday frame look!
When we left Minnesota, I left behind a wonderful digital photo frame that I always kept on my desk. It had great pictures of me with the boys on field trips and fun outings. I love being able to transfer the memories I’ve captured and seeing them scroll through as I work!

Right now, Best Buy has a 25% off coupon on select digital photo frames! How awesome would one of these make for a gift, loaded with wonderful memories?

The other thing I’m lacking is a camcorder. I haven’t had a digital one ever and with the boys growing up so fast I’ve lost so many events and moments not having one. This summer will be filled with the boys and I doing a lot of traveling around the area and we’ll be hitting some parks so we definitely want to make sure to have a way to capture those moments!

Ok, now I need your help! I need suggestions of your favorite camera!


Haasiegirl said...

Hands down my Canon T3~!!~ I think whether you choose a nikon or canon is up to you, but I am just a canon girl.


Amy said...

I love the Canon T1i that im using right now at work. I've never had a nikon though... My friend LOVES hers

Anonymous said...

The digital frame would be a great gift for my dad for Father's Day - he lives so far from us, he'd love it.

I have a Nikon D3000 and I love it. Although I'd upgrade if I had the money.

BrettBMartin said...

i loooooooooooooooove my canon. this is my third canon dslr. i have been hearing amazing things about the samsung cameras and they are really reasonable!

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