Sunday, May 19, 2013

Girl Time With Sally Hansen Nail Art #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

Sally Hansen Disclosure

One of the important aspects of dating someone with children is getting to know the kids. I think it’s pretty important that my kids and Fred’s kids both start building a relationship with us. This weekend was packed full of activities and one of them was me hanging out with Kgirl and a couple of her friends. The idea was to do some girl bonding while we did our nails. Once the other two girls got to Fred’s house, we looked at some examples from the Sally Hansen site to get some fun ideas we could do with our nails. We headed into town to see what the local Walgreens had to offer.

Sally Hansen Inspiration

We had to shop pretty fast because the girls had plans later that afternoon and had to leave sooner than we had hoped. We found a ton of Sally Hansen products! It was fun listening to the girls bounce ideas back and forth of how they wanted to do their nails! The only problem with ideas is that you have 10 fingernails and at least for this day, only one idea to use. When I saw Kgirl’s friend’s boots, I knew exactly how I wanted to do my nails! Unfortunately, the style of Salon Effects that I thought would go best, kind of a vintage look, was out of stock. After the girls had come up with their ideas, I asked them which flowers they thought would match most with the boots and they all were in unison with the style I chose.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Choices

The gal working in the beauty department was amazingly helpful. She told us about the Xtreme, Salon Effects, Diamond and Insta Dri polishes $1 off sale thru 5/25. She said I could use it on all of the products we bought! Hello to massive savings! I also used my Balance Rewards card! We rushed home to get our nails fancified. I wasn’t sure if they were going to go with maybe a Splatter Party look or maybe Pop Art, but I wanted them to have fun and let them go with whatever came to their minds!

Sally Hansen Nail Art Selection

We took a detour to Cold Stone to pick Fred up a birthday cake since his birthday will be this Wednesday and he’ll be out of town. I devised a plan on how to pull it off. I would take Fred into a different room and they’d sneak the cake into the freezer. One way to build a relationship, get into cahoots with them. =) We got back to the house, I asked to talk to him and the girls did their job, although I heard Doodle saying, “Hey cake!” and Kgirl “shush”ing him. I tried talking louder! UGH! She pulled it off though!

Sally Hansen Boot Inspiration

I happen to be one of those moms/people who take pictures of everything, not wanting to miss any moment. That’s what happened while the girls were doing their nails. They were painting away when one of the girls got a call seeing how much longer we had left. I wish we could’ve had the whole afternoon, but that wasn’t to be. I realized at that point I hadn’t done anything with my nails yet. lol

Sally Hansen Drying of the Nails

One thing I found pretty amusing is that girls (and women) no matter where you go, shake their hands around and blow on their fingers to dry nail polish. And yes, that includes after they’ve used the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik. lol I think they were most excited for the nail polish to dry so they could try out their Nail Art Pens! This was the part I was most excited, too, because I knew this was where their creativity would come in!

Kgirl started off with black nails and added red Nail Art Pen and glitter polish for a firework theme on all of her nails.

Sally Hansen Firework Nail Art 2

Her first friend who showed up recently had a family member deal with breast cancer so she decided she’d do the ribbon on all of her fingers! How stinkin’ cool is that?! She painted them pink and then after they dried, she used the white Nail Art pen to draw the Breast Cancer Ribbon and then used another pen to add blue dots.

Sally Hansen Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art 2

The second friend who showed up went with a summer theme. She had orange and white nail polish with fun swirls and dots on all of her nails! I loved how the Nail Art colors showed up so well on the white polish!Sally Hansen Summer Look Nail Art 2

Let me just say, they did waaaay better on their nails than I did on mine. I was taking too many pictures of them to concentrate on my own. lol I should’ve hired someone to take photos of us. I had used the Salon Effects before, but on the whole nail, for all 10, and not as “art”. I painted my nails black or sparkly red and then used the Salon Effects on just half of the nail. I realized there are so many fun ways that these could be added. I think if I cut them to a certain shape, I’d be able to stick them onto the individual nails. I definitely want to try out lots of ideas that came after the girls were gone.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Ribbons

It was really cute to see the girls all helping each other out with their right hands. Since they’re all right handed, they have a hard time painting with their left hands. It does take time to learn how to do it without painting the nail and the surrounding skin on each finger. It’s even harder still to draw designs on those same fingers. The girls were really so great with each other!

Sally Hansen Nail Art Girls

Then again, the guys were sitting in the living room making paper airplanes. I could’ve hired one of them…or just asked super sweetly. =) It might’ve been a good idea since the airplanes started flying everywhere, including getting caught in the fan and my hair. hahahaha Hello distraction!

Paper Airplanes

The girls and I had to quickly finish our nails because moms started arriving. Time really does go fast when you’re having fun! Kgirls second friend who arrived, her mom was really amazed at how cute their nails were turning out. She hadn’t seen the Sally Hansen line aside from nail polish before and seemed to be pretty impressed!

Sally Hansen Nail Art Hands

We all went outside so we could get a group nail photo and move the girls towards the door since they both had to leave. I think they all had a really good time. It was nice for me to spend time with Kgirl and her friends to get to know more of the people who are in their lives. It makes me feel like our families are growing closer together and I love that!

Nail Art Inspiration

Be sure to see our morning together doing our nails in my Google+ album.

If you could design your nails, do you have a design that comes to mind?


Amy said...

Love the Nails! Looks like you and the girls had a great time!

Rambles of a SAHM said...

What a great way to bond! I love all the different things you can do with Sally Hansen nail products. I need go get some new products to try! The boots inspire me too. :)

Unknown said...

You ROCK Mimi! What a fun day and such a great way to bond and have fun with the girls! I love playing around with my nails, so you have me some great ideas for my birthday part with my girl friends! Take care and God bless you and Fred and your family blending times! Love ya! Lib

BrettBMartin said...

what a fun fun fun girlie day! i love it! and i am smitten with the flower designs. i want!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the nail art - you guys did great! We are always doing designs on our nails, it's so much fun!

Six in the Nest said...

Fun! I love painting my nails, and I used to do quite a bit of nail art when I was younger.

Woman Tribune said...

It looks like you all had a really great time, and what a fun and unique way to bond and have some shameless girly time!

Unknown said...

That is so FUN! I am going to go get some Sally Hansen polishes and products and try to do something on my toes for summer!

Christy Maurer said...

How fun! I love the designs you guys came up with :) So pretty!

Jamie L. said...

LOVE Sally Hansen products. Cute nails!

Laura Grace Andry said...

My toes are naked right now and I am in total need of a pedicure. If I could reach my toes I would do them myslef though. These look great.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Manicures and coldstone? That's my kind of girl's day!

Unknown said...

okay, those floral nails are too cute! Come over and do mine :)

Sara @ said...

Those manis are pretty cool! Love the different styles! It looks like you guys had a great time :)

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