Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting Organized With Scott From Walmart #ScottValues #cbias

Sally Hansen Disclosure
On our way home from Maryland this past weekend, the boys and I stopped at Walmart to grab some groceries for the week and some Scott Bath Tissue and Scott Paper Towels to stock up our “extra” closet that mom has in her basement. The boys are forever going down there rummaging through all of her supplies to find what it is she needs.
Scott Tissue Organize
I had asked mom this past week if she’d be ok with getting some shelving for the closet because she’ll send the boys to go down and grab napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, disposable table cloths, you name it and pretty much ever single time they come upstairs saying they couldn’t find whatever they were looking for. I was tired of them not finding anything and decided we’d get that thing organized!
Walmart Shelving
I wasn’t actually sure if or what Walmart carried in regards to shelving and I wasn’t sure what my parents would be ok with. We finally found it and the boys and I stood there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what would work best there. In the end, we decided we’d get one tall shelf and split it since the closet is under the stairs and slopes.

We headed off from their to get our paper products and groceries. I’d heard that Scott had $4 coupons for Vudu on them and I hadn’t used that service before, but I like the idea of being able to get video on demand. I’ve never done that before and I figured this would be a great way to try it out.
Scott Bath Tissue Choices
We got to the paper products before the groceries and it turned out to be a great teaching moment. Doodle was trying to show me that I should get one package over the other simply because there were more rolls in the package. We looked at the toilet paper and I showed him how many rolls we got in one package didn’t mean we were getting the best value. I’m not math whiz, but thankfully have learned to figure out what’s the best bang for my buck!

After we had discussed it for about 5 minutes comparing packages and prices, Doodle and I came up with the package we thought was the best buy. In the meantime, Buddy had found the Scott Paper Towels, which thankfully had the Vudu coupon on it (the toilet paper didn’t), and he was building towers out of the packaging. Oy vey!
Full grocery cart
We got the rest of our weekly groceries and headed home to relax for the evening! It had been a long weekend!

On Monday, after Buddy got home from school and had time to play on the computer, I asked him to help me rearrange grandma’s closet. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve hired him to help me with my blog. He’s taking pictures and helping me with different things, like putting shelving together. In exchange, I pay for his cell phone bill, which is $15/mo. lol I can afford that! =)
Scott Brand Organizing Closet
We cleaned out the closet, except for the wrapping paper and gift boxes and started assembling the shelves. He hasn’t don’t that before, and they were plastic so it was easy, but it was good to have him to it. He also started talking about how we should have it set up. Another teaching moment because he wasn’t seeing what I was, which was the slope of the stairs above him. We discussed how the higher part should be toward the front of the closet where there was more room to put stuff on a top shelf.
Adjusting the shelves
It was so nice getting everything put on the shelves and organized. Now my boys can go down to get whatever it is that’s needed and find it right away! I was pretty excited to show my parents because they’d be happy with how it looked now compared to how it looked…the last SIX years. Um, you’re welcome guys!
Ta Da
And yes, the next task will be working on all of the gift wrap and other random stuff my mom had tucked away in there…including empty boxes. lol I did show my dad and he was actually impressed with how it turned out! I’m afraid he might be getting some “bright” ideas for his storage ROOM! Uh oh

Of course, we weren’t finished yet. I grabbed Doodle and we went around stocking all FIVE bathrooms! Have I mentioned how much I love my mom’s house? Aside from my brother’s room and the basement, all of the other bathrooms have cute little baskets to put extra toilet paper in.
Scott Bath Tissue Entry Bathroom
Scott Bathroom Tissue Stocking
Uncles Bathroom
Help Hard to find
Happy Helper
Yes, towards the end, he was mugging for the camera and being his usual cornball self while I was trying to take photos. He had wanted to help with the shelves, so stocking bathrooms with toilet paper didn’t rate high with him. Hey, I did the paper towels! =)
Scott Paper Towels
After the boys went to bed, I finally took a breather and checked out VUDU to see what movies they offer. I’ve been a Scott Shared Values user for probably several months and they regularly send me emails letting me know their deals and coupons. The example below is one I got yesterday!
Scott Shared Values Email
This weekend, Fred is coming down to spend the day with me and I know he’s been wanting to see Jack Reacher so when I browsed through VUDU, it was one of the first selections! So excited to surprise him with this. The nice thing is, it can be watched on Xbox Live so that means we can go downstairs, have some quiet time and watch a movie without having to go anywhere! I’ve never done that before so I’m excited to try it out!
Fun Night with VUDU

Have you ever used VUDU? Have you seen Jack Reacher?
Be sure to check out my entire shopping experience and having my son help with fixing up the closet on my Google +! We really had a fun time together.


Anonymous said...

Wow your closet turned out great with that organizing shelving! I really need to get something like that for on of our closets. Your boys are cute! Oh and I haven't seen Jack Reacher, it looked good though!

BrettBMartin said...

great job on the shelving. its amazing how many kids of toilet tissue exist. and overwhelming at times. i mean, it all does the same thing? LOL

5 bathrooms. FIVE. wow. do the kids still come find you when you are using them?

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

The closet looks awesome! You did a great job with it!

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