Thursday, November 10, 2016

Building The Room And Bedding Shopping In Peru

On Tuesday morning we headed back to Alcance to do more work at Antuane's house. We had more drywall to put up, and Molly, one of our team members came up with the idea to get Antuane a bed and some bedding. Isn't that a superb idea? We posed it to Stalin, and he was onboard with it. Our first part of the day was to get more of her home done first.

Edwin was there to work again, and we got down to business. There wasn't a heck of a lot to do so we basically all just tried to take turns doing little things. Rod and I taped the seams of drywall. While we were still nailing in the drywall, I asked Edwin if I could shoot a few of the nails. lol He probably thought I was some crazy, white gringa and he'd be right, but he still gave me his nailer! SCORE!

Once again, Antuane was there pitching in. I kept giving her my gloves because she was touching sheet metal that'll slice your hand and not think twice about it. The last thing she needed was to hurt herself! For lunch we went back to Alcance, and once again had a filling meal. Rod and Fred were really digging the Inka Cola. Ish! I tried drinking water this time, but without Paige there force drinking it on us, I couldn't do it as much.

After lunch we headed off to the furniture market. That's a place you could literally get lost in! The main floor was like a mall for the most part. Just lots of really small shops with small amounts of furniture that all looked the same.

As we wandered around, Stalin would ask shop owners if they knew where we could get a cheap bed or a futon. Turns out futons are just as expensive down there as they are up here! We finally found one shop. Not sure if we just stumbled upon it or if we were given directions to it. One of the shop workers took us from his little shop to another one of his little shops that had mattresses. That was in another area of the "mall".

This lower level was like a storage unit that people were working out of. Sort of. It's hard to explain. We decided on a mattress and headed back to where the frames were. We picked out a frame, and then headed to another area where Molly had to pay by credit card. That took a little time and we just hung out while another lady shop owner walked around popping bubble wrap. I was incredibly tempted to ask her if I could join her! ;) Then we headed BACK to the first store with the frames where he drilled the holes for the hardware right there in front of us. It was SO interesting! We didn't have time to find any bedding, and probably wouldn't have found anything there anyhow, so we headed back to La Victoria.

For dinner that night we were heading to one of our favorite places, Palachinkes! Crepes like you only dream about. We paired up, and were able to get one savory and one sweet. I walked over several times just to watch the guy make them. I think one of the other guys was a manager and was grinning ear to ear every time I took a video or photo. He was also pretty pleased to have his picture taken with two of them in his hands. I love what we got, but Nancy and Olivia got the best savory one...or maybe it was sweet. I don't remember, and I meant to take note of what it was. lol I keep notes every year in my phone for what was helpful and I'd want to remember for the next time going down.

This was a rather short day for us because we were going to be getting up at 3:15am the next morning to go make sandwiches to take to a hospital! We got back to the mission house, I got some blogging done, took my melatonin, and went to sleep. Believe it or not, I never overslept once. I think I was so afraid of oversleeping, I woke up several times through the early morning! I can't wait to share what Wednesday held!


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