Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Introducing Batman

Last weekend we tried introducing Peru to another dog. We had met a lady with a year old Corgi mix puppy. The first time we met her we didn't bring Peru with us. We just wanted to see if we got along with her and if she got along with us. The lady who was fostering her seemed to think Gracie was a mix with a Jack Russle Terrier. After watching her energy and bouncing, I could totally see it.

last weekend we went back, and that didn't go well. I wasn't sure how Peru would handle it and to protect the the other dog, in case she was defensive, we got a soft muzzle. Well as soon as Peru saw Gracie, who was bouncing around excited to be seeing everyone, she puffed up and basically stepped on the puppy. We all knew at that moment Gracie wouldn't be going home with us. Sad face!

We went for a walk on the beach because it was in the 70s! As we were heading home, I asked Fred if we could go to the spca where we got Peru to see if they might have puppies. I really think for Peru she'll have to have a young male to start off with. Maybe have some motherly instincts kick in. Unfortunately, there weren't any puppies.

BUT, there were CATS! We lost Pearl in October, and seeing Simba sit by himself all day long without companionship, because really, Peru isn't the buddy for him. lol I didn't actually realize how inexpensive cats are to adopt! I walked around looking at the cats, and then I found the ONE! I just saw him and knew. Honestly, I could've brought home every single one of those cats!

Anyhow, there was this handsome black cat who had mastered the art of rubbing up against the front of his cage. One of the volunteers opened the door and we played with him for a few minutes. Fred and his daughter came in to look at him. I was surprised because neither of them are very big fans of cats, and K is allergic to them. Well, she even took pictures of him! His name...Batman. Holy Bible, not kidding. I figured we wouldn't keep it, but I've been informed that no one else in my house thinks it should be changed. I'm still not used to calling him that so I'll have to find a fun nickname for him. He also has ONE white semi-crooked whisker on the right side of his face. I hope it always comes back white!

I gave Fred the puppy dog eyes, maybe they were the kitty eyes, and he agreed that we could adopt him. I did text Buddy because he would be the one taking care of him the most, and he was somewhat ok with it. I forgot that we couldn't take him home that day. We had to wait 2-7 days. GAH! That was the Saturday before Thanksgiving!

They were also having a sale on Black Friday. I thought the SPCA took a smart take on the day. All black cats & dogs were half off! Isn't that cute! Too bad we didn't buy him the day after Thanksgiving. lol Well, by Tuesday I couldn't handle it any more. I called them that afternoon to see where they were in the process. I mean, we had Peru from 2 yrs ago. You'd think they'd be asking us to take any animal we applied for that very day! Well, I talked to a gal for about 5 minutes, and then she called me back 5 minutes later saying he was ours.

Fred, the boys, and I went to pick him up the next day. I tried doing Facebook Live, but they didn't have any internet inside the SPCA and I kept losing mine so when we actually got him, we really weren't able to share it.

He's fit in super great! Batman is getting along with Simba. He's slowly not freaking out every time Peru comes near him. The first time they met, he ran around Buddy's bedroom and bounced off of me as he high tailed it to the bathroom counter. Poor Peru had no idea what was going on. She just knew there was something furry moving at a high rate of speed.

Batman has been with us for a week and he's settled in. He acts like he's lived here forever. He likes to walk with us as we walk around. He sounds like an elephant running above our bedroom and has a lot of energy at night. Have I mentioned he's just over a year old? He likes his belly rubbed, and he's a big cuddle bug. We're all completely enjoying him!

Welcome to the family Batman!


Shadow said...

Congratulations on a forever home Batman.

Stealth, Shadow, and Sarah

Zoolatry said...

Love reading about kitties who find forever homes ... welcome, Batman!

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