Friday, March 17, 2017

Sticking With The Gym

A couple weeks ago, I had a harebrained idea to invite my youngest son with me to Zumba. When I was leaving my class, they were talking about how the weekend coming up was a free weekend. You could invite people to come. Well, they always have 3 day passes, but I jumped on a few of them. I wasn't sure if my Doodle would come, but since he does Just Dance with me, why not this...aside from all the other people.

When I asked him, he was totally for it! Go figure! We went on a Monday, and he totally rocked it!

I have to say, he hardly broke a sweat. The cool part though, there were about 4-5 other guys there, too. A couple of them pretty young, but not "my son" young. Amanda is below in the shirt that says I 💜 Zumba, and my kiddo is in the bright green shirt.

When we do our Zumba class, Amanda will bring up someone just for fun to "help" her through one of the dances. I'm one of those people I hope she never calls on. I should probably mention that to her, that way we won't have that super awkward moment. Her coming up to me, all pumped and excited with her face saying to me, "C'mon Mimi, c'mon up with me! Look at my smile and be wooed into helping with this dance!" To which my response would be with my face, "Amanda who? I don't see anyone in front of me? Is there someone smiling at me? Inches from my face because I definitely can NOT see her!" When she realizes with her face, "Oh my gosh, she's one of them, one of those people who can dance to random 80s songs in a grocery store aisle, but won't help me lead my class. Our relationship has just totally changed. I know I can't count on her!" And so it goes!

Meanwhile, she called all of the guys up to the front of my class. My kid, shrugs his shoulders, smiles at me and heads up to the front of the class! That's. My. Kid! It was so awesome to see him up there! He wasn't able to do all of the moves like Amanda, of course, but he gave it his all with a smile on his face and a great attitude! These kinds of things helps me know I've done something right as a mom!

The next week I had a friend from our small group from last year come with me! Turned out she came to a super full class. It's kind of funny. Some days the class is really big and we're all almost touching finger tips. Other times, we have space to dance around with no fear of tripping our neighbor.

Thankfully she loves Zumba so having her go with me and it be a full class wasn't an issue. We ran to the Whole Foods which is right next door first. I wanted to see if they had some blood oranges because the ones I'd gotten at Safeway turned out to be an insanely expensive Sumo orange...$1.99 for ONE! They had the wrong sign in front of them and since I'd never seen a blood orange before, I had no idea.

As always, the class was awesome. Afterwards, Z wanted to talk to Amanda to thank her for how fun it was! I've asked my oldest daughter to go with me on Monday when she comes into town! I hope she brings her workout clothes! I just want everyone to enjoy Zumba as much as I do. lol

What is your favorite exercise to do?


Terra Heck said...

It's great that your son joined you! I don't hate Zumba but don't do it often because I don't have great coordination. I started going to Nufit in February and take several kinds of classes. I've always hated the gym and exercise but am loving Nufit and haven't given up. I've done TRX, Pilates, Kettlebells, Resistance Training and more. I like that I'm getting more toned and feel better.

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