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Better Watch Out By Natalie Walters

Better Watch Out
by Natalie Walters
Publisher: Tnk
Series: A Defensemen Romantic Holiday Adventure
ISBN: 978-1962513012

You guys, if a Natalie Walters book is being published, you gotta know I'll be the first one to want to read it! Just a hint that there's a new book coming gets me giddy! I was on the launch team for her new book Better Watch Out and she sent me the ebook ARC for review.


An accidental meet-cute, a case of mistaken identity, and a bucket-list of Christmas activities befitting a Hallmark movie make this holiday romantic adventure the perfect Christmas read. 

Leave the candy canes, take the pepper spray!

Nothing screams Christmas like a week spent ice skating, visiting Santa, and sharing a kiss or two under the mistletoe. Frannie Frost has crafted the perfect bucket list of romantic activities to surprise her boyfriend in the most magical place at Christmas time-New York City. When he unexpectedly becomes her ex, her plans are derailed leaving her with a choice. Wallow in self-pity at Christmas time or take matters into her own hands. 

Former NHL defenseman turned personal protection agent, Andrew Bishop, loves his job-when things go as planned-but Frannie Frost is definitely not part of the plan. Still, when her brother, the man who saved Andrew's life last year, asks him to deliver his sister safely to the airport, he can't say no.

The only problem? Frannie isn't leaving. She's determined to make the most of her trip by checking off a bucket list of cliché Christmas activities that would make even Santa's elves jealous. Andrew's content to let her go until he learns that Frannie's been mistaken for his client and thrust into the midst of danger.

My Review:

Natalie Walters does it again with Better Watch Out! Fantastic suspense and I can't wait to get to know more Defensemen!

I happened to be in New York City when I started this story, so that was perfect! We meet Frannie who is ready to become engaged to her boyfriend in NYC! What could be better and more romantic at Christmas time? Except... things don't go quite as planned as Frannie hoped.

Attempting to get to family in D.C. things go haywire. Thank goodness Frannie's brother, Ryan, has his friend Andrew on the scene. Their meet-cute is more of a painful and hilarious meeting. You can't help but feel so bad for Frannie. Things are just not going her way. The humor in this story will have you busting a gut, so be prepared if you're reading in public like I was on the train! I was not prepared.

Because of a mistaken identity, getting to the airport isn't smooth sailing. Frannie is a bit of a spit fire who is rather innocent in her way of thinking. I mean, she's a small town girl with Ryan for her brother, which makes quite the mix. Andrew is an ex-hockey player who is now a bodyguard. Unfortunately, some people think he's protecting the wrong person, so a mistaken identity goes wrong in so many ways. That mistaken identity propels the story forward and adds the suspense element!

While I loved both of the main characters, I have to say, the author knows how to create strong male characters who draw the reader to them. Their strong sense of protection, while trying their best to allow the woman in their life to have their own strength just makes them all that more appealing! I always appreciate that the women she writes have their own strengths, but come around to realizing they can't do it all themselves. THANK GOODNESS because along with that always comes the sweet romance.

And let's talk about that romance! It was nice that, while the timing is short that Andrew and Frannie know each other, you can see how easily they were able to build feelings for each other. It was very sweet and I completely had heart eyes for the both of them by the end of the book!

I was a bit confused connecting all of the dots as to why the bad guys were going after Valentina Malone, who Frannie was mistaken for, but aside from that, the entire story was romantically suspenseful!

About the Author:

Natalie Walters is a best selling author who loves writing romantic suspense with dynamic plots, memorable characters, humor, heart, and adventure. 

As an Army wife, she fills her stories with the right balance of romantic and suspenseful tension to get the heart-racing and a cast of witty characters--all of which, may or may not be inspired by true people and/or events.

When she's not writing, she's dreaming of her next vacation, spending time with her family, or chasing after her sock-eating Goldendoodle, Scout. Annnd binging CourtTv.


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