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Seaside Cowboy's Second Chance By Alexa Verde

Seaside Cowboy's Second Chance
by Alexa Verde
Publisher: Indie

I have several of Alexa's books on my Kindle, but haven't had a chance to sit down to read them. When she reached out to me asking if I would review one of her books, I was happy to do it. I remember when she was asking her FB reader group about parts of the cover. She sent me the ebook for review.


A woman with broken dreams and promises. A cowboy with a broken—by her—heart. A stray dog with a possibly broken paw. And everyone with a dangerous secret. Even the dog.

When free-spirited Skylar Rafferty left her beachside hometown, she promised her high school sweetheart she’d return soon and marry him. Fifteen years later and no longer free-spirited, she returns to plan the wedding—her grandmother’s. When her grandmother’s fianc√© goes missing, Skylar turns to her former sweetheart for help while aching for a second chance.

Cowboy Dallas Lawrence can’t believe the woman who crushed his heart has wandered into his life again. But strange things connected to her family are happening in their quaint tourist town, and when her life is in danger, he can’t walk away. But he can’t get his heart broken again, either.

My Review:

I'm so glad I finally had a chance to read one of Alexa's stories! I have several on my Kindle, I just haven't had a chance to read them so I was happy to start with Seaside Cowboy's Second Chance.

There's a bit of mystery that comes along with Skylar returning to her hometown to help her grandma get ready for her upcoming nuptials. Unfortunately, the groom has made himself scarce during the countdown of wedding days! Showing up in town at "just the right time" she also finds a stray dog, which leads to an awkward reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Dallas.

It doesn't take long for things to become dangerous for Skylar. She's put in some harrowing situations, which is unusual for their small town. Trying to put the pieces together as to why Skylar left town in the first place and why strange things are happening to her only adds to the mystery.

Dallas is placed in situations that doesn't allow any space from Skylar. Not a bad thing as the two of them are sweet together despite their 15 years apart. We also get to meet Kai, whose book I can't wait to read, who is one of Dallas's brothers. As you read the story, you begin to realize how small this town really is.

The further into the story you go, the more you're able to connect the dots of what happened. I was still a bit unsure as I got to the end, but when all was revealed, I was very, "Ohhhhh!" I feel like this story would fit perfectly as a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie. Make it a series with all of the books!

I've already grabbed book two in the series and can't wait to dive in.

About the Author:

Alexa Verde writes feel-good small-town romances with a smile. 

She writes to encourage people, bring them many hours of reading bliss, and take them away from their sorrows. She hopes that her books are like a cup of hot chocolate that warms their hearts. She has worn the hats of a teacher, reporter, translator, caretaker, office assistant, but feels the author’s hat suits her the best. Oh, about hats: lived in both hemispheres, traveled to eight countries (got lost in several), and now hangs her hat in south Texas. She speaks five languages and gets misunderstood in most of them (heavy accent). 

Finally, a little detail: published 50 books with over 100 million pages read worldwide. She'd love it if you subscribed to her newsletter Every subscriber gets a free sweet romance after confirming the subscription as a thank-you gift.


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