Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking For A Crossover Or Minivan

I spent the day going through different features on I’ve been playing with the idea of using our tax refund towards a down payment on a newer vehicle. Seeing how happy @ladyozma is with her Dodge Journey I thought I’d do some research.

Suffice it to say, I can’t afford a Dodge Journey. Not even the base model.

Let’s back this train up for a second and talk about what I’m driving right now.

Chrysler T&C I have an ‘01 Chrysler Town & Country Limited minivan. When we got it 10 yrs ago I was in heaven. Honestly, I still love it. This baby is loaded, even compared to today’s comparative models, this baby rocks! BUT, it has over 198,000 miles and is having different issues. Oh, and the rust, can’t forget the Minnesota rust that happens to nearly every vehicle here.

So, back to the reason for this post.

I’m not so keen on having a minivan anymore. Smooch has her own vehicle and will be going to college in the Fall. It’s just me and the boys. Of course, I have to look to the future, too. I’ll be a grandma in the next 10 yrs, at least that’s my guess. I want to be able to tote my grandbabies around. So, maybe a minivan would be a good choice.

True, I will probably need a newer vehicle before 10 yrs, but still…Not only that, but we travel to Chicago and VA to visit family. That means there’s the potential to have 5 of us and a dog together in one vehicle. Trust me, we want comfort.

GMC Terrain Of course, there’s the CUV, but the issue with that is, it’s basically a minivan but without the large space inside. Have you compared the sizes of a CUV and minivan? They’re pretty much the same in bulk. Oh, and in fuel mileage. May as well just go with the minivan at that rate.

My Chrysler is an AWD and I absolutely adore that feature, especially here in the MN winters. So, I would love to have that with my new vehicle. The downside to an AWD is the gas sucking power of it!

I also want that extra seating for 7 people. I know, I want it all but at a low cost. I’m crazy and I understand that. A girl can dream right? I figure if I can find something a year to three years old with miles under 40K miles, it might be affordable. And when I say “affordable” I mean something I still can’t afford.

What else do I love in my current vehicle that I’d like in a new one:

  • Good sound system w/ CD changer
  • dimming Rearview mirror
  • Dual Climate Zones
  • Power Lift Gate
  • Passenger Lights in front and back (not just dome)
  • Electric Seat Controls at least for the driver
  • Good Storage
  • Built-in Cup Holders
  • Power Side Doors if I go with a minivan
  • Luggage Rack

Saturn Outlook Right now I’m leaning towards the Saturn Outlook and the GMC Terrain. And when I say “leaning” I mean, I looked through photos online and they look like they’d fit what I’m looking for. I’m about aesthetics.

What are you driving? Any suggestions for me? Would you go for a minivan or crossover?

The photos are from who had nothing to do with this post and have no clue I’m talking about them.


Anti-Supermom said...

Hey Mimi,
Someone else is talking about this today, lol! For me, if you have the power doors, how can you go back to not? I just can't imagine life without them. I covet them.

We have a Mazda MVP, which they aren't making the van type anymore, boo.

It has these sliding middle seats too that make it super easy to get to the back seat, so it *would* fit seven without car seats and no one has to jump over each other.

If I had my way, I'd have a DVD player in the van (we bring a hand-held one) and a built-in GPS :)

Have fun shopping, no matter~

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I'm with you. I drive a small SUV and we have outgrown it ten times over. It's and "03 and has over 100,000 (so yes, you have me beat). As soon as I find out about my job for next year, I am looking for a new car. I'm looking at the Traverse and Acadia (Outlook too, although I'm not so sure how Saturns will be dealt with now that they don't make them anymore- service wise, I mean!)

Liz Mays said...

I've always had a car because of the gas mileage benefits. I'm no help at all!

Rob said...

WE have a 05 Ford Freestar minivan and 07 Chevy HHR. A minivan is so practical and useful but ours is such a gas guzzler. Our next new car won't be a minivan. Good Luck in your search!

Sonia Valdez said...

How interesting I also put my tax money away - didn't even tell hubby when it arrived. He's the spender in our family. I currently have an '04 Dodge Dakota 4 full door pickup. I've always driven trucks. The Dodge was my downsize from a Chevy 1500, Gas was killing me. And now it is again, I might for the first time in my life be looking at a sedan. I've never needed to seat 7 The two door trucks always worked better for us. Had three kids they got really good at not being the one in the middle hahaha. And any amount of camping equipment we needed fit great in the truck bed. Kids are now 26 - 22 - 19 - I guess I can go camping in a sedan?

Are You A Mom said...

I just came across your blog, very cute! When I got pregnant I drove a Mitsubishi EVO...and a Nissan 240sx....yeah I didn't plan on having kids :) and I love my sports cars...but since my handsome little man has arrived we got a Honda CRV and I love it. (as much as I am going to love an SUV) haha but good luck....I hope you get Exactly want you want!
Please stop by and say hi

Unknown said...

i love my minivan. We won't necessarily still need one in a couple more years but it's still so handy to have.

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