Friday, October 7, 2011

Confessions of a Twitterholic

I started on Twitter Christmas day 2008. So weird and I have no idea why I would do that, but I did. I didn’t really start using Twitter until just over a year ago.

I used it for the fun of it. I started using Twitter as a way to enter giveaways. Then on my own blog used it as a way to have people enter MY giveaways. I didn’t really engage with people though.

Along came Twitter parties and I was hooked. I was doing party after party. Then I started connecting with other tweepl. They were vast and varied, but enjoyed it! I love connecting with people.

My conversations and the people I have been connecting with has been changing a lot lately and I’m beginning to panic.

If you meet me on Twitter I just talk about whatever. I can be serious and encouraging as well as off the wall and giddy as all get out. I'm the "social" part of the Media!

The people I’m meeting now are SoMe brilliance. So good they’re out of my league!

This is where I’m beginning to have issues. Most of these people are professionals in their fields and Social Media gurus. They talk about stuff that make me glaze over. Not out of boredom but because there’s just so much darn stuff to learn!

They dig and dive deep into social sites. For example, @jkcallas, Jure is always telling us about new sites he’s learned about. Not only does he share about them, he tries to teach us about them. I try to come away with something. He is such an encourager. I really dig him.

Then there’s @DabneyPorte. Dabney is a social media Diva. This woman knows her stuff and loves bringing people into her “nest” where she happily cares for each of us. She really just wants us all to be better in our engagement and when she discusses a topic I try to be a sponge. And these two are just off the top of my head. There are so many people that are amazing I would never be able to list them all.

Do you see the problem? I’m taking it all in and not giving back. Yes, I’m a smart alec and joke around, but that’s not helping anyone to be more knowledgeable or grow in their social media. It’s just me being a dork. That is something I’m good at.

I typically hide my ineptitude with sarcasm and humor. I want to give back. I want to share something that is really worthwhile. Not some random comment that amuses someone. I want to give back some social media meat.

They constantly share posts that they’ve created about social media and most are insightful and educational in one way or another. They have discussions that all of these Twitter followers chime in on and I just sit back until I find somewhere to hop in and hope I've said something that sounded like something worthwhile. LOL Who knows?

Now, I'm NOT writing this to get a response to how I feel. I want to know your thoughts in the Social Media world. Do you feel like you're keeping up, giving back, adding to the discussion or am I alone in this? If you are adding to those around you, how are you doing it and was it hard to get to where you are now?


Anonymous said...

I don't "engage" on Twitter very much, I should, but I'm a taker, too I guess. For me it is time management- I just don;t have the *time* to engage. I do get it about sometimes being so much info that you just glaze over LOL. Great post BTW.

JMom said...

You're not alone at all. There's many of us out there who are 'sponges'. Absorbing the buzz but too intimidated to chime in. I'm in the same boat as you are, and I suppose that is the reason my blog hasn't moved on as much since I started blogging. But then, I am still only blogging and engaging in social media when I have time. That's kind of what I like about Twitter and Facebook though, they don't have to cut into my family time. They will still be there when there is a lull at home and I need some ME time.

MMAR said...

I am kinda with the other two ladies... I don't engage as much as I should!! A lot of that has to do with time.... my little monkey demands attention (I know excuses excuses). I am trying to become more involved by joining in twitter parties and such BUT man those things go so fast I need to learn to type faster : )
This was a great article Mimi... makes you think about what you are or are not doing : ) Thanks!!

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