Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vibroy from Think Geek : Spring Fever Event Highlight

First of all, I’m a gadget girl. If I could have one of every gadget, I’d be in heaven. Alas, I’m just a poor chick and have very few to speak of.

I’m also a Think Geek girl! I love their site and all the funky, unique products they carry! My brother got me addicted to their site a few years ago when he asked for some very, um, “odd” items for Christmas.


Well, now I’m the one asking for products from Think Geek!

Think Geek sent me their Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker, which I thought was perfect for my Grilling/Picnic package!

I love music. You come over to my house, it’ll be streaming through the computer. I have the TuneIn Radio app on my Droid 2 so I can listen to music on the go.IMG_0887Now, when I’m out grilling or the boys and I go on a picnic, I’ll have the Vibroy with us. I can plug it in to my phone’s headphone jack and the music filters through it. I stick the other end onto anything (like a carton, cooler, or in my case, the siding of the house!Think Geek Think Geek Vibroy  

Yep, while I was grilling, I had my phone streaming TuneIn Radio. I plugged the Vibroy into my phone. Looking around to find an item to stick it to, I saw the side of my house and thought that might be a bit extreme, but why not?

HA! Sure enough the Vibroy sounded awesome connected to the house! It was pretty loud, too. =) Just the way I like it.Think Geek Think Geek Vibroy

The Vibroy works with computers, all ipods and cell phones! I like that the sticky pad is reusable. Just make sure to peel it off slowly and at a 45° angle. It does come with replacements, but we don’t get out enough to use it that much.

The Vibroy will be part of my Spring Grilling package for the Spring Fever event which will start April 15th!!

*I was sent this item for review and the opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

WOW! I love this! I want one... Guess I'll have to try and get lucky and win your prize package!! =)

Unknown said...

Great write up!! I love this little gadget!! I need something I can use almost anywhere..

Melissa Say What? said...

Now that sounds like a site for me! Great review. I definitely need something like this for my iPhone!

fancygrlnancy said...

That looks great! They have so many great fun products.

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