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Faith Filled Christmas Gifts #HollyJollyHoliday

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I remember the first Christian bookstore I went to, ever. It was in Seattle. After I became a Christian, I found a store called Family Christian Bookstore. I loved shopping there! I had so many t-shirts, and wall art, and we even got to meet Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales when my girls were little.

Well, then came the move from Washington to Minnesota. I couldn’t find any Family Christian stores. Pretty sad, but the good thing was, I could shop at one when we went to Chicago to visit the in-laws. When we moved to Maryland, it turned out there was one in Annapolis (it’s closed since I moved here). I love having clothing that shows our faith. Last winter I got my boys a couple of sweatshirts. When Fred graduated from college, I got him an Apologetics Bible there. For Father’s Day I got him a tie and a coffee cup from each of his kids, and I gave him a Willow Tree figurine.
I guess you could say it’s one of my favorite places to shop, in-store and online, for faith filled products.
College apron
With Christmas coming along next month, I already have 2 gifts for my oldest daughter. She loves cooking and baking. I remember her learning to bake when she was in middle school. I taught both of the girls how to bake for 4H. They both did really well! Then off to college they went.

Oh my goodness, my oldest, she had quite the reputation in her dorm room. Students would come to her room because she was always baking. Unfortunately, baking can sometimes result in…problems. The dorm rooms had small stoves in each of them. I remember seeing updates on Facebook about her leaving a towel or a hot pad on a burner.
Baby in apron
She and her roommate have been in apartment for a few years now. Baby has become a much better baker and chef. In fact, she’s really expanded her horizons from when she was a kid. Some of my favorite memories of watching my oldest daughter grow up is seeing her at college in a completely different apron in every shot with food. It was pretty cute. I thought, what 20 yr old WANTS to wear an apron? But her and her friends did.
Baby and Rachel
When we were visiting my parents back in September, we passed a farmer’s family market. They had handmade aprons and I picked her one up. I decided at that point I was going to go with a kitchen theme for Christmas for her. That’s where shopping at Family Christian has come in handy. I like to get seasonal products, but I also like to find things that can be used year round. That’s why I fell in love with a Retro Looking Serving Tray and the matching Vintage Look Kitchen Towel!
Retro Baking
I’ve loved working with Family Christian, especially because of our history of shopping with the store. Now they partnered with me to share ideas for Christmas and a couple of the products I received from our partnership!

When we do Christmas, filling the kids stockings can’t be overlooked. She loves watching movies so I figure I could use the 2 for $20 promotion. It lasts until 12/24 so I have time to figure out which movies she has and which ones she wants. I already know we want to add God’s Not Dead to our family’s DVD selection. It’s on sale right now for $17.99/$19.99! We just sang that song for the first time last Sunday at church and it was awesome!
Retro Baking Tray and Towel
You can bet this set will be put to use a lot at her place! Baby will have two things important to her…her baking and her faith together in one set! I can’t wait for Christmas. Our next task will be her getting it back to Minnesota in one piece!

In a week, you’ll have the opportunity to win a $25 Gift Card to Family Christian with our Holly Jolly Gift Guide Giveaway! Head over there and get some fabulous ideas for Christmas and what you’d like to pick if you win!


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