Monday, November 10, 2014

My Nails Are Getting A Helping Hand From Jamberry #HollyJollyHoliday

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When we went to my mom’s house for her birthday in September, she mentioned how nice it was to see my nails growing out. I was pretty thrilled that she noticed. They had been growing for months. M-O-N-T-H-S! My nails take months to grow out, even just a little bit. Makes me crazy. It’s the same way with my hair. Blah
Jamberry Yule
Well, I kid you not, a week later all of my nails were gone. GONE! They either tore or broke off. I couldn’t believe it! Ok, well, I could, but I was so discouraged. It took all those months for all 10 nails to grow out to finally give me the appearance of feminine fingers. It took 7 days for every single one to disappear. Such sadness. I guess I won’t be using my mom’s gift certificate to get a manicure any time soon.

This is where Jamberry Nail Wraps come in. I’ve used samples before so I’ve had experience with how awesome they are. The nails I’ve used them on have been accent designs because I haven’t taken the leap to put them on all 10. I’m also not very creative to use more than one on a nail or to do fun designs. That being said, they also were a protective covering for the couple of weeks that I wore them. They would always end up being the longest nail by the time the wrap came off.
Jamberry Frosty
Have you ever seen Jamberry Nail Wraps? I think one of my favorite parts is that they’re vinyl. There’s nothing that will hurt your nails. My nails have always been come away being healthier after the two samples I’ve worn. When they’ve come off, I haven’t torn that thin layer of nail off with the wrap. They come off and you’re done.
Jamberry Stripes
I wish I had a little girl because they have Junior Jamberry Nail Wraps! Can you imagine how adorable it would be to match up your nails with your daughters? I guess I could do it with my older girls, but it wouldn’t be nearly as adorable.
Jamberry white and gold
I learned about them for the first time back in May when my company had our yearly conference. One of the attendees had Jamberry wraps that looked like our company logo! She gave me a sample and it was SO fun to wear. Then a friend was hosting a Jamberry party and she sent me a sample. It was really cool! Another friend had a party and I finally ordered my first set!
Jamberry Nail Wraps Selection
To top it off, I found a blogger who was doing a giveaway! SCORE! I actually won! I also received the cuticle pusher, nail file, and wipes. I tell you, these nail wraps are so fun to have around. I just can’t get enough of them.
I’m excited to announce two things.

  1. Whitney is giving away a $25 gift certificate in our Holly Jolly Gift Guide Giveaway that starts in a week!
  2. I’m having a Jamberry party on Facebook! Do I hear a woot woot? You can order any time between now and November 15th. The party will be Nov 14 at 8:00pm to Nov 15 at 10:00pm. We’ll hang out from 8pm – 10pm both nights and hopefully you’ll get inspiration for the holidays and maybe even win something!
Jamberry Wraps
While you wait, be sure to visit Jamberry to get some ideas of what you’d like to win or even order as a gift! No time like the present than to get your shopping started. Remember, these would make great stocking stuffers.

*This is not a sponsored post. I didn’t receive anything for sharing this information. =)


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