Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tervis Tumblers For The Holidays #HollyJollyGiftGuide #HJGGG

One of our favorite travel cups that my son and I have are our Tervis tumblers. They’re perfect for on the go! I’ve been thinking about how I could personalize the holidays with my family members and Tervis is the way to do it. I know that you can go out and get friends and family some humdrum gift, but that’s where these tumblers make a difference.

When you know what your friends are into, whether it’s sports, hobbies, seasons, locations, I mean, anything you can imagine, you can get it for them in into a Tervis tumbler. I know that owls are really popular right now and that’s why when I was given the option of reviewing a couple tumblers, I chose the Woodland Owls wrap! It’s so stinkin’ festive! I also loved the colorful Festive Ornaments because to me, it could be used in the summer and no one would look at you like you were whacky. =) Unless of course it’s me then they already know I am, no matter what season.
Tervis Tumblers
When we went out to my mom’s for Thanksgiving, I took my tumblers with me because I wanted her opinion on who to give the two I received to. I have two sisters-in-law who I thought would like them, but wanted mom’s help figuring out who get which one. Of course, then we talked about all of the other options that the guys in the family would like. We’re not sure when it happened, but the ladies are seriously outnumbered by the guys these days. We need my girls around to balance things out. lol
Tervis Collage
I think the favorite for our family will always be the football themed wraps. I think we could each get a tumbler for every holiday and feel like we never have enough. That’s because we’ve got pro and college football lovers in the family and only a couple of us (extended family-wise) like the same teams.
Tervis Lids
So this year we’ll be giving Tervis out to the family. The next step is to decide if we’ll put them under the tree or if they’ll go into the stockings!
Tervis Tumbler Options

What’s your favorite Tervis for the holidays?


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